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posted on him here in a BE FUCKING POLITE t-shirt, giving us the finger. In that posting, I hadn’t identified the model, but now ace mandentifier David Preston has named Daniel M. Sheehan, of the L.A. men’s fashion firm Sheehan & Co., as the hunky silver fox in the photo. As it turns out, the aggression in that photo was entirely mock aggression: Sheehan the man is sweet, earnest, and funny — there are videos on the company’s site — and he describes the photo as “ironic”. Here’s another version of the shirt, fingerless and affectionate (a single red rose symbolizing love), but still oxymoronic (though now the context moves the intensifier fucking in the direction of sexual fucking: towards ‘be fucking politely’):


Sheehan seems to have a huge following of women (who presumably fantasize about doing him) and a substantial following of straight men (who presumably fantasize about being him) and a huge following of gay men like me (who can indulge in both fantasies). The FUCKING shirts can be read as aimed at any one of these audiences, or of course all of them.

Now, since I find the man physically attractive and his presentation of self (some compound of macho and gay) equally attractive, six more photos of him and his work.

About Sheehan and his company:

Founded by Daniel M. Sheehan in 2016, a 20 year veteran of the fashion industry. Sheehan & Company is a contemporary men’s apparel and lifestyle company, based on manufacturing and curating products made only in the USA. We curate and manufacture products for the modern man who appreciates integrity, quality and attention to detail to every purchase that they make.

Somewhat quirky fashion manufactured in the U.S., so not at all cheap, but very entertaining.

More t-shirts, first in an astrological sign series: Taurus (modeled by Sheehan) and Virgo (my sign), modeled by Scott Hoying:


Note the belt buckle, watch, and jewelry.


Sheehan’s flirtatious text: … So I was very proud that the very first of our Virgo vintage inspired zodiac tee is on the body of the very talented and handsome @scotthoying … I mean he looks so badass in our classic leather suspenders! Thanks Scott you are a muse… Are Scorpio and Virgo compatible? [Sheehan is a Scorpio] Please say yes!

Then “Chivalry is not dead”:


Sheehan’s caption: The code of chivalry emphasizes bravery, generosity in victory, piety, and courtesy to women.

And a bit of self-advertisement:


An unconventional tie, stylish rather than macho:


Sheehan’s note: I am a sucker for a unique accessory! The continental tie is one of my favorite pieces of neckwear in my collection… This classic style originated in the 50’s as an update to the bow tie in mens formal attire… in the 1960’s the rockabilly scene and artists like Elvis Presley made it a trend item… well now Sheehan&co introduces the continental tie with a tigers eye tack!

Finally, an adorable wedding couple, holding hands:


Sheehan’s commentary: And introducing Mr. Louis and Joshua Van Amstel! A few months ago Josh reached out to me asking me if I could design some suits as a surprise for Louis for their winter wedding in Utah! Well the secret was not kept for long. I love how these two men love each other… They are joined at the hip. Both Louis and Josh came in and began the process of designing these epic three piece suits with me. Their wish was to have something made that suited their personal style, my aesthetic, and the feeling of their destination wedding! Well here it is and I could not be prouder! I am proud not just to have made these suits for their amazing day, but to have been there to see these beautiful souls get married and embark upon a journey of love, commitment and union. Join me in congratulating @louisvanamstel and @joshua_vanamstel! Rachel Giese Photography

Nice designs, made to the same general pattern, but with virtually all the details varied: Louis in a necktie, Josh in a bow tie; different styles of collars; waistcoats of different design but using the same colors; and so on.

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