The flightless kite

It’s definitely Penguin Day on AZBlog — following on my earlier “Illusory penguins ” posting — with this wonderful wordless Jared Nangle cartoon in the new New Yorker,  for 7/31:

(#1) The kite inherits its flightlessness from its subject; bird kites and butterfly kites can fly, but not penguin kites (meanwhile, a kite that could dive and swim like a fish would certainly be a disappointment)

The artist. Nangle is new to this blog. Here’s what he says about himself on his website:

(#2) JN on the street

Hi, I’m a cartoonist and illustrator from Sacramento, CA, currently living in New York City. I have been contributing cartoons and comics to The New Yorker since 2019. I draw a lot of inspiration from live drawing the city and the people who inhabit it. When I’m not roaming around the city drawing I am usually at my desk staring at a blank wall trying to write cartoons and then eventually drawing some more. My work has also been featured in The New York Times, Air Mail Weekly, The Times Luxury, Law and Order and Narrative Magazine. I am looking for editorial commissions at the moment.

Oh dear. Most cartoonists do piecework, so they’re almost on the hunt for sources of income.

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