The Summer Hummer

(Male genitals — not displayed only because I fuzzed a penis out for WordPress modesty — and discussion of man-on-man sex acts in street language, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest)

Today’s TitanMen gay porn sale ad in my e-mail (with a fellated penis you have to imagine):

A summer hummer: the cute and muscular cocksucker has locked his gaze with that of the guy he’s servicing, giving attention to the man he’s blowing, not just his dick (all this in a swimming pool, with the fellatee sitting on the pool’s edge and the fellator standing on the pool’s bottom, giving the cocksucker pretty much for perfect angle for the blow job — satisfaction all around); you’ll also have to imagine the humming that provides extra sensation for the fellatee

So that’s a hot and really well-composed jack-off photo (notable craft in service of the viewer’s pleasure), but it also comes with a silly dirty rhyme summer hummer that tickles me.

From my 9/6/22 posting “Three greetings for 9/6/22”, which introduces the slang hummer ‘hummingbird’. And then:

Ah, the red-throated hummingbird has plunged all the way into the quiveringly open pink bell of of the welcoming morning glory: the morning hummer.

Here I’ve introduced the sexual slang hummer, homophonous with the ornithological slang hummer ‘hummingbird’. From GDoS:

compound noun hum job [AZ: with sex-act libfix job, as in hand job, blow job, etc.] — also noun hummer [AZ: with event –er, as in kegger, nooner, etc.]: (US) fellation, which is intensified by the fellator humming as he/she sucks.

The buzz of a hummer can be quite arousing.

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