Yesterday’s Bizarro, with a silly pun:


The verb club ‘go to (dance) clubs’ is now with us. Let’s go verbing. And the caveman cartoon is a durable genre (right up there with the desert island cartoon and the bar cartoon).

Two examples of the verb club not in the PSP (go clubbing is very frequent):

I would say “No no no, I mean, like, do they club a lot, are they always clubbing?” (link)

I tell him it’s alright to go with his friends because they club a lot and I cant always go because my mother is super strict. However, he doesnt like going without me. (link)

As for the caveman cartoon, there are cartoonists who mine the topic (Johnny Hart in B.C., in particular, and then there’s the Flintstones). And  those who return to the topic again and again, like “Baloo” (Rex F. May). Here’s a Baloo on cave art:

Walking upright, hunting and gathering, and the emergence of language are three other topics. And the invention of artifacts, as in these three strips:

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