A five-pack

From recent images sent on by Chris Ambidge, five that could have gone on AZBlogX (though they are not visually X-rated) but would also fit here.

1. Toby Young. One of the genres that Chris specializes in is the Naked Man in Kirjasto shot. Kirjasto is Finnish for ‘library’ (literally, ‘book place’), and the name of my library/study/office condo is Kirjasto Zwicky. A number of examples have already come past on AZBlogX. Now here’s one of general interest, since it features a writer of some note — who is, indeed, naked, but covering his genitals with a copy of one of his books — in a photo by a photographer of some note:


On the book:

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2001) is a memoir by Toby Young about his failed five-year effort to make it in the U.S. as a contributing editor at Condé Nast Publications’ Vanity Fair magazine [an obvious play on Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People]. He has written a sequel called The Sound of No Hands Clapping which chronicles his failure as a Hollywood screenwriter in the years after he left New York. (link)

And on the movie made from it:

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People is a 2008 British comedy film based upon British writer Toby Young’s 2001 memoir of the same name. The film follows a similar storyline, about his five-year struggle to make it in the United States after employment at Sharps Magazine. The names of the magazine and people Young came into contact with during the time were changed for the film adaptation. The film version (adapted by Peter Straughan) is a highly fictionalized account, and differs greatly from the work upon which it was built. (link)

And the website of photographer Serge J-F. Levy is here.

2. Eel Man. For the phallicity file, this wonderful cover from a men’s magazine:


For the masculinity / homoeroticism files: the bare-chested men, the machete, and of course the phallic eel (in bright red, not a typical eely color). On eels as fish and as food, see this posting.

3. From the gay past. A 1955 ad for Austin Reed men’s clothing:


This was from before gay picked up its ‘homosexual’ meaning in general use. Even so, the ad is odd, especially the two men on the right: Sun Top Man looking down the shorts of handstanding Amphibious Man.

4. Father and Son. Another theme of Chris’s photos is the Bookend, the pairing of two similar but contrasting shots (often, people clothed and unclothed). Here’s a touching, and entirely G-rated, bookend of father-and-son photos:


The son is holding a soccer ball in each photo, but they’ve both aged — and you can see how much the trees have grown.

(Ok, no discernible linguistic interest in this one.)

5. Easter rugby. This one is just wonderfully silly. It has men in jockstraps on the field of sport, with an Easter basket. And the guys have pouffy gloves and excellent bunny ears, as well as rugby balls:


Not a triumph of the photographer’s art, but still charming.


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