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Yesterday on nipples, a further adventure with the sexual snowclonelet X pig — in particular, nipple pig, nippig, titpig, referring to a man who is enthusiastically into papillary stimulation with other men, giving or getting. This has now led me to other, non-sexual, instances of the snowclonelet, as in these occurrences of the food-enthusiast (rather than sex-enthusiast) snowclonelet ice cream pig:



Background. It starts with figurative uses of pig, which depend on stereotypes about the nature of pigs. From NOAD2, this sense:

informal derogatory  a greedy, dirty, or unpleasant person

From this radiate an assortment of senses of pig, noun and verb, having to do with greed, dirtiness, or unpleaantness. The food-enthusiast snowclonelet food pig develops from the greed theme in the stereotype.

From GDoS, an assortment of relevant verbings of the noun pig

pig  to eat, esp. in a greedy fashion, to overeat [first cite 1905]

pig down  to eat hurriedly and greedily [first cite 1898]

pig out (also pig up)  to overeat massively; ext. as pig out on (a food or drink) [first cite 1835; 2005 C. Buzzell, My War: My friends pigged out on those pot brownies.]; to overindulge in anything [first cite 1958; 1979 Iceberg Slim, Airtight Willie and Me: … and all the crystal blow he pigs up.]

The verb pig out has then, in turn, been nouned, as pig-out (with cites for a pizza pig-out, a fried chicken pig-out, and more).

A few more food-enthusiast X pig examples:

(1: cheese pig) my life with cheese

Hello. My name is Siobhan. I have a confession to make.

Morning, noon, night and pretty much every moment of every day I am a cheese pig.

I thought it was high time I merge my great love of cheese with my other great love of writing, so here I am. (link)

(2: sushi pig) I am a sushi pig and $15 will stuff me at Sushi Boy. (link)

(3: pizza pig) “Ellie’s out, so we don’t have to share with her”

“Good. I hate having to do that. She’s such a pzza pig.” (link)

Note: there are plenty of X pig examples that are just various types of ordinary N + N compounds: cheese pig ‘pig (simulacrum) made of cheese’, bacon pig ‘pig raised for bacon’, etc.


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