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(About semen and sex acts and facial expressions and slang and syntax — but, yes, semen is central to the posting, and there’s a lot of talk about sex acts in very plain terms. Only one photo, but it might make some people uneasy. So probably not for children or the sexually modest.)

Over on AZBlogX, a sale ad suggesting that the Lucas porn studio could supply you with a high-protein dessert for Thanksgiving: a splash of semen on your face. Lick and savor.

#1 there shows a man with a cumface, the result of a (cum) facial, the cum / jizz / spunk / cream / spooge supplied via the quite substantial cock also shown in the photo. On AZBlogX there are six more guys who’ve been facialed, who’ve gotten a facial (from a shooter), been given a facial (by a shooter), whose faces have been jizzed / spunked / creamed / spooged (by a shooter).

Crude slang terms have been underlined above. Some, like the seminal nouns cum, jizz, spunk, cream, and spooge (these lists are not necessarily exhaustive) are quite widely known and used; similarly, the ejaculatory verbs shoot, come and the denominal jizz, spunk, cream, and spooge. But none of these are specific to the (cum) facial scenario; most of the rest are, and they are attested but rare, largely restricted to discussions of facials as a sexual practice (more on the sexual practice below). The term shooter for the person serving as Agent (the donor of the cum) in the sexual practice is mine; my counterpart term for the person serving as Patient (the recipient of the cum) is target, the term I also use for the affected person in gang sex (gangbangs, gangsucks, and piss bukkake).

My interest in the AZBlogX piece is focused on the facial expressions of guys getting cum shot on their faces — intensely focused (as in #1 on AZBlogX), smiling with pleasure, ecstatic (as in #2 on AZBlogX, a bukkake scene, with several shooters on a single target), adoring, sated (as in #5 on AXBlogX, showing dick-sharing, two targets each getting their measure of pleasure from a single shooter), or calmly satisfied, as in this photo (#4 on AZBlogX):

The targets’ faces usually express some kind of pleasure (unless they’ve got cum in their eyes), but there’s quite a range, already illustrated in earlier postings on AZBlogX, especially “Scruff cum” of 4/7/13 and “Cumshots and cumfaces” of 4/6/15.

You’ll note that facials are messy affairs, requiring significant clean-up. The messless alternative is internal ejaculation — a genuine technical term — in this case, in the mouth, whether open or (the usual case) closed. But there are good medical reasons for wanting to avoid internal ejaculation (whether oral or anal), at least if the shooter isn’t protected by prophylaxis (mechanical or pharmaceutical). So: external ejaculation instead: on some part of the target’s body, on some part of the shooter’s body, or in the shooter’s fist.

In most cases, external ejaculation has the additional virtue that the target can witness the cumshot, even participate in it. This provides a big emotional payoff for many gay men: we adore spurting, spraying, erupting displays of the essential fluid of masculinity. Taking it into your body, absorbing it as part of your own body, has one kind of emotional value; watching it shoot has another.

Then, shooting on the target’s body is symbolic of the shooter’s dominance over the target, subtler than fucking him or getting a blow job from him, but still significant: he’s claiming the target’s body as his territory.

Finally: of all the destinations for the cum in external ejaculation, several have special emotional power: the target’s buttocks and his crotch, as the foci of the target’s own sexual appeal, and his face, as the locus of his personality, indeed his humanity, as well as another focus of the target’s sexual appeal; we are facially oriented creatures.

That brings us to the cumface in the photo above, an image I’m guessing is beyond most of my readers’ experience (which is why it might make some of you uneasy). Getting facialed is, I think, a minority taste among gay men; it’s disliked and resented by women*; and of course it’s an appalling prospect to straight men (since it’s seen as both faggy and demeaning).

[* I interrupt this presentation with a note: two quotations illustrating the verb facial ‘give a cum facial, come on s.o.’s face’ and women’s antipathy to the practice:

TIFU [today I fucked up] by having sex with my boyfriend and he jizzed in my eyes so i hit the doorframe after we had sex and he facialed me [insert some separating punctuation here: a period, or at least a semicolon or a dash] did I mention I had sex? oh yeah and i had sex (link)

I just got facialed. I just got fucking facialed. Can you believe it? I’m his girlfriend, his better half, his significant other, his soon to be within a matter of 365 days his wife. And he facialed me. He fucking facialed me.! Ladies chivalry is motherfucking dead I tell you! Dead! It has to be dead when youre fiancé in the heat of reaching the climate of his sexual excitement decides to deposit the evidence of that heightend sexual excitement on your face. Wtf? No motherfucking respect none. He didn’t even ask me if he could facial me. (link)

A Bad Boyfriend plaint and a Bad Boyfriend rant.]

The true home of cum facials is gay porn, where it’s all over the place. Porn in general has to provide visible dicks (a goal totally defeated by internal ejaculation), and, especially, visible cumshots, as proof of potency on the part of the shooter (the audience for porn, gay or straight, is largely male). In gay porn, the idea is that if you can’t come in a guy’s mouth (or asshole), you can at least come on his face, and get him as close as possible to full participation in the event, with a frisson of submission and some naughty mess thrown in. And all that should make him happy.

As it does in porn (see the AZBlogX photos). And sometimes, in real life as well. I can vouch for that.

(Facials combine particularly well with scenes of glory hole sex — another minority taste among gay men, and a kind of encounter largely unknown among women and straight men. In any case, the two practices are among the conventional components of gay porn — of sex in fantasy Gayland — that are far from vanilla, far from everyday practices in male-male sex generally: rimming, watersports / piss play, gigantic anal sex toys, bdsm, daddy-boy relationships, sex in public, gang sex, orgies, athleticism, instant tricking (gay zipless fucks), and so on.)

Lexical and syntactic notes. First, on facial (originally an Adj derived from face) as N (by nouning the Adj) and V (by verbing the N), in a sexual (rather than cosmetic) sense: OED3 (Sept. 2009) and HDAS don’t have this facial as either N or V; GDoS has the N (from 1988 and 2001) but not the V; Urban Dictionary, however, has facial as V as well as N (and one entry has the N referring not only to the act but also to the cumload on the face).

On to the seminal Ns and ejaculatory Vs.

A partial inventory of seminal Ns:

mass Ns: the scientific Ns semen (a metaphor in Latin) and result or product N ejaculate (with unaccented final syllable); semen‘s literal English translation seed (now mostly poetic or jocular; also see note below); the everyday deverbal cum (usually so spelled); the slang Ns jizz, spunk, cream, spooge; goo, (man) milk, (man) mayo, all still, as far as I can tell, playfully metaphorical

count Ns: the metonymic or abbreviated load ‘load of cum, cumload’; the metaphorical shot; a set of not-yet-lexicalized product or result (metaphorical) Ns spurt, shower, squirt, jet, etc.

Note, from OED2: seed, sense 4. = semen n.   Now rare. [1st cite in OE; notable cite 1914 Jack London letter of 24 Feb.: “I have never wantonly scattered my seed.”]

A partial inventory of ejaculatory Vs:

the scientific V ejaculate; the lexicalized metaphorical V shoot; a set of not-yet-lexicalized metaphorical Vs spurt, shower, squirt, jet, etc.; everyday slang come (in an old metaphor turning on the image of arriving at a destination; on the history, see note below); slang denominals cum (see note below), jizz, spunk, cream, spooge; the Vs seed and breed, used as transitive (internal-)ejaculatory verbs in describing bareback anal sex (He seeded/bred me / my ass)

Note, from OED2 come, sense 17. To experience sexual orgasm. Also with off. slang. [1st cite 1650; notable cite 1969 Philip Roth, Portnoy’s Complaint: “Did you warn her you were going to shoot, or did you just come off and let her worry?” — note bonus of ejaculatory shoot]

Note: there’s a competition, not merely orthographic, between everyday slang V come (PST came, PSP come) and denominal V cum (PST/PSP cummed); they are syntactically as well as morphologically distinct: He cummed/came on my face BUT He cummed/*came my face.

A few syntactic notes, using the Vs jizz, spunk, and cream as exemplars; other ejaculatory Vs may be more restricted::

all can be used intransitively, without a direct object (even an implicit one): He suddenly jizzed, He jizzed in his pants

but also with reflexive direct object: He jizzed himself either ‘He jizzed on himself, on his body’ OR roughly ‘He jizzed in his pants’

and with cognate direct objects: He jizzed .. his load / a huge load / a shot .. (of cum)

but also with location objects, both oblique and direct: He jizzed/creamed (in) his jeans / (in) my ass/butt ‘anus, asshole’, He jizzed/creamed (on) my face / (on) my ass/butt ‘buttocks’; note the locational ambiguity of He jizzed/creamed my ass

and some with human objects: He jizzed/spunked me; with location specified He jizzed/spunked me in the/my mouth/ass, on the/my face/ass/chest

Some background on this blog.

from 4/26/11, “Argument structure in porn” (which some readers have seen as triumph of pedantry), on (1) Oh yeah, shoot my ass! as (2) ‘shoot [your cum] on my ass, ejaculate on my buttocks’ [ONTO reading] or (3) ‘shoot [your cum] in(to) my ass, ejaculate in(to) my anus’ [INTO reading]

from 10/31/16, “Annals of verbing and poetic meter” (in which I get things not quite right):

First fact: the verbing of spunk ‘semen’ has been going on since the 19th century, largely in Umliterature. Green’s Dictionary of Slang has as its first sense for spunk as a verb:

(also spunk off, spunk up) to ejaculate

with a first cite in 1888-94 from My Secret Life and  (among others) a 2000 cite from M. Manning in Get Your Cock Out: “spunking all over the wall”.

The plain verb verb spunk, without a particle off or up, has very nearly the same syntax as the sexual slang verb shoot ‘ejaculate’ (note: the aggression verb shoot is irrelevant here); label the sexual verb shoot-SX. Both are almost always intransitive (like ejaculate and sexual come) — I shot-SX / spunked on his belly but *I shot-SX / spunked him on his belly. [This claim I now see to be inaccurate, in the face of examples from vernacular speech and writing; the best we might be able to say is that trasitive uses are less frequent than intransitive ones.] The notable exception to this generalization is that cognate objects — object NPs with a head N denoting ejaculate — are possible with spunk just as with shoot-SX:

I spunked / shot-SX a (big) load (of cum / spunk / jizz / spooge / etc.) on his belly…

Play-poetic bonus. All this seminal-ejaculatory exploration reminded me of the vocabulary play in Reamin’ Semen’s sad ballad “Lonely Man Shots” (2016):

Jizz in my skivvies
Jizz in my briefs
Milk in my silks
Cream in my jeans, seed in my Levi’s

Sticky goo in my Fruit of the Looms
Spooge in my Speedos
Spunk in my trunks
Cum in my AussieBums

A load in my lonesome Lees
A shot in my hot jock
Man mayo alone in my Marco Marcos
Me and my solitary semen

RS acknowledges his debts to Paul Rhymin’ Simon and to “Lonesome Day Blues”, “Lonesome Whistle Blues”, Hank Williams’s “Long Gone Lonesome Blues”, and Slim Dusty’s “Lonely Lonesome Blues”.

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