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Today’s Zits:

The latest in a series of strips depicting young people as rejecting the telephone and face-to-face interaction in favor of modern communications technology.

As a bonus, though this isn’t hot news, there’s the verbing of the noun Facebook. Plenty of examples around, for instance this one:

Honoring those who Facebooked themselves out of their jobs

The Facebook Fired blog is a painfully modern collection of stories memorializing those who are collecting unemployment thanks to posts on Facebook or similar public disclosures. (link)

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  1. chrishansenhomeChris Hansen Says:

    I’ve been staying with a friend in Singapore off an on through the past month and a half, in between New Zealand, Australia, and Bali. Occasionally when his bedroom door is closed (it’s next to mine) I will just WhatsApp a question to him from this room to the next. And I’m not even Generation X. Much easier than getting off my butt and leaving air conditioned comfort to knock on his door.

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