Brief mention: men and women in Maryland

On a postcard (with a pile of images of and information about the state of Maryland) from Chris Ambidge on Saturday, the news that the state motto is

Manly Deeds, Womanly Words

Sigh: men act, women talk. At least in Maryland.

Side note: the Pinhead town of Dingburg is in Maryland.


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  1. John Baker Says:

    Strictly speaking, the motto is “the motto of the Calvert family “Fatti maschii parole femine” loosely translated as “Manly deeds, womanly words”. ” This from the Maryland Code, sec. 13-102, as quoted at, which prefers the translation “Strong deeds, gentle words.” Somewhat bizarrely, Maryland’s state seal (which is where the motto appears) just uses the 17th century coat of arms of the Calvert family, which is why the motto is in archaic Italian.

  2. On the sex / gender watch | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] the heels of my little note on “Manly Deeds, Womanly Words” (a comment from John Baker notes that this is “the […]

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