Shark statues

Today’s Zippy has our Pinhead inspecting a shark statue:


Knowing Bill Griffith’s practices, this piece of shark statuary surely is real, but I haven’t located it. On the other hand, I’ve discovered a huge vein of shark sculpture, statuary, and figurines.

First, there are large numbers of firms offering fiberglass sharks, for example Land & Sea in Newtown CT, which has a full range of fiberglass fish, plus garden items (gnomes, fairies, mini animals, etc.).

Then there was a 2001 project in San Jose CA involving whimsical sharks distributed around the city (and then sold). See the SFGate story, “Sharks without bite / The scattered display of 100 whimsical icons may do for San Jose what cows did for Chicago and pigs did for Seattle” by Mark Simon on 8/23/01.

And a shark bench in Bangkok:


According to this site, the bench, outside the Paragon Mall in Bangkok, Thailand, serves as an advertisement for Siam Ocean World; there a number of such benches in Bangkok.

And then the wonderful Headlington Shark in Oxford, England:


Search for shark stuff led me into the astounding world of quirky public art, for instance this salmon in Portland OR:


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