The news for penises: the Buffalo Bills original logo

From cartoonist Bob Eckstein’s The Bob newsletter of 9/5 “Back to School BONUS EDITION”, in a section on “The Worst NFL Logos” (published in Run Your Pool), about the original Buffalo Bills logo:

The original Buffalo buffalo

The old water buffalo was so unassuming, so unexpected, you thought, watch out! What are they up to? It was the only sports logo with the outline of genitals. With the understated white dot for an eye, I contend it was sport’s funniest logo … ever. We lost that.

Pizzles on this blog. From my 7/19/13 posting “pizzle”:

In looking at the simile piss like a horse (here), I came across references to the pizzles of male horses (from which copious piss streams, famously). pizzle — ‘the penis of an animal, esp. a bull’ (NOAD2) — was a word familiar to me from childhood (close to the farm), but not one I see often these days, except in overheated porn writing (in gems like “gets the pizzle drizzlin’”).

Etymological point: pizzle has nothing to do with piss, which is onomatopoetic. Cultural point: pizzles have a variety of uses, notably as chew sticks for dogs. I’m not making this up.

The posting goes on to note that pizzles of commerce — from bulls, horses, sheep, deer, pigs, or whatever — are also marketed for human consumption.

A point expanded on in my 10/25/15 posting “Sunday penis notes: #3 phallic food”, which has a section that

looks at edible penises from these animals:

goat, ox, sheep, cow [beef pizzle], deer, yak, dog, donkey, seal, kangaroo

The texture of animal penis (usually steamed or deep-fried) is said to resemble calamari or squid. Animal penises are eaten as a “male tonic” (embodying masculinity) or an aphrodisiac (embodying sex); they are also said to be rich in collagen, so to be good for the skin.


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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    My first encounter with the word pizzle was reading Shakespeare’s Henry the Fourth, Part One in 8th-grade English; Falstaff at one point spouts a stream of insults at the Prince, concluding with “bull’s pizzle”, which of course was especially amusing to us 13-year-olds.

  2. Robert Coren Says:

    Sometime around 1960, Qantas Airlines had an ad in magazines and newspapers that was dominated by a photo of a kangaroo, and my mother noted with amusement that in one of the publications in our house there was a quite visible genital lump on the creature, but in another one it had been, um, excised.

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