Rubber ducky

And now for something completely different: a rubber-tire duck statue in today’s Zippy strip:

(#1) As with all things Griffith, this is a real thing, not a fanciful invention: Villu Jaanisoo’s sculpture Rubber Duck

The Estonian-born creator of this duck heads the sculpture department in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

From the Talking Beautiful Stuff website, “Jaanisoo’s rubber tyre duck” by Isaac on 8/12/13:

Tallinn-born sculptor Villu Jaanisoo is a master of transforming all sorts of worn out things into beautiful and thought-provoking stuff. I stumbled upon one of his masterpieces – Rubber Duck – at this year’s Örebro OpenART, an outdoor exhibition taking place in Örebro, Sweden. Quite different from the little yellow fella many of us keep in the bathtub!

(#2) Rubber Duck on exhibition in Sweden

Made from recycled car tyres, the duck measures 350 x 380 x 300 cm. Jaanisoo, who also heads the Sculpture Department in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, explains that the material “functions in a way that the form and surface structure of the duck become almost baroque-like, relating the work with the tradition and history of sculpture making.”

The duck was visiting from its home at the Retretti Art Center in Punkaharju, Finland.

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