Wearing the 1970s

A little while back, Kim Darnell pointed me to several sites with collections of astounding men’s clothing (some underwear, some not) from the 1970s. Culled from a great trove of material, here are six of these gems, with captions added by me.

Let me say that while I indulged in various regrettable items of clothing (including bell bottoms, muscle shirts, and remarkable underwear) during this period, I didn’t reach the heights illustrated here. So I snicker and guffaw, but nervously.

(In earlier postings, mostly on AZBlogX, I took relatively unremarkable vintage men’s fashion ads and perverted them with snarky captions. I’ll inventory these postings at the end of this one. But the ads below are a step beyond; the viewer is moved to gasp, “What could they have been thinking of?”)

The first is from Ah Men, an haut-pédé West Hollywood store that I occasionally actually shopped at and in any case was the source of a catalog, simultaneously fabu and tacky, that enabled men to mail-order its wares up in discreetly labeled packages:


The cream dream of
West Hollywood,
The Shiny Dick Boys and
Stephanie, the Goddess of

On to a tableau of three suited men. You really have to admire them (especially the guy on the right, dressed as a Raging Queer) for going out in public in these costumes:


Wait-listed for the
Sergeant Pepper cover, they
Rashly went into business as
“Secret Agent Who, A
Time Tale in Three Parts”

Another group photo, with a strained play on words:


The entire decade
Slid past in Roller Derby
Madness and
Tasteless underwear

Another trio, this time of teenagers (the prices are for patterns, not garments):


ButtonFly HardHat Harry and
Mighty FashionMouse Mickey both
Ached for
Black B-Boy Bo,
Suffered the
Pangs of
Teenage triangular love

A quartet of mannequins:


Manufactured in
Hong Kong from
Sturdy lifelike plastics,
Engineered to
Double as
Durable sex toys

Saved for last, my favorites of the 70s fashion dudes:


The Glisten Trio, always
Oiled, always
Silky, always
Flaunting their
Muscles and their
Dicks, always
Steely serious, never

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2 Responses to “Wearing the 1970s”

  1. zimpenfish Says:

    Many years ago, in one of the London Borders, they sold a postcard pack of 1970s fashion adverts – “For Whom The Bells Tolls” was one of them. Magnificent.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Michael Palmer on Facebook:

    At least one of those is Parr of Arizona, which at one point was owned by a poker buddy of my godfather.

    From the website “Karen Carpenter Died for your Sins” on 1/7/13 “The Clones of Parr of Arizona”:

    Much thanks to reader Lamb Cannon for leading me down a rabbit hole of clone clothier Parr of Arizona [in Phoenix], who outfitted all of the butchest queens in leathers and swimsuits. What could be manlier than an animal-print loincloth swimsuit? Nothing.
    [with a Parr of Arizona slide show]


    Under new ownership, it became Nu-Parr Swimwear, primarily offering women’s swimsuits, then closed down.

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