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More News for Penises. About three men who make a living by “bodywork”: Jack Vidra, Seth Fornea, Hayden Clark. About their penises as the driving elements of their livelihoods; their penises as cultural and aesthetic objects; and especially about their penises as elements in their presentations of self.

It’s a lot of dick, all of the time, and thoroughly unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest. Most of this material appeared first in my AZBlogX posting earlier today, “Vidra Fornea Clark” (though actual dicks don’t appear here, to satisfy WordPress modesty).

The subjects. Three men from the gay province of the “male bodywork” world (male models, porn actors, gogo dancers, strippers, escorts, rentboys, and so on — men who make their livings in part through the carnal attractions of their bodies): two — Jack Vidra and Seth Fornea — together here because they appeared in St. Patrick’s Day photos, for their Irish good looks; two — Fornea and Hayden Clark — sharing notable fireplug / kielbasa dicks (relatively short but relatively thick — solid fistfuls).

The Irish lads. First, Vidra, in the Falcon Studios ad for St. Patrick’s Day (cropped; full image in #1 on AZBlogX):


Note the red hair and green eyes. On the Raging Stallion site, he’s listed as relatively short (5′ 7″), with a pornstar cock (7.5″, cut), versatile, with a gymnast body; he also escorts, in Chicago. In action, he can be seen getting fucked by Matthew Bosch in TitanMen’s Pool Service in #2 on AZBlogX.

Then Fornea. From Tim Evanson on St. Patrick’s Day, this, um, charming composition (#3 on AZBlogX):

(#2) Atlanta-based gogo dancer (and model) Seth Fornea (Louisiana native, now apparently in Brazil), in leprechaun hat, sweet smile, and crucially placed playful Lucky Charms (photo from Adon Bryson’s AdonisMale site); I’ve suggested blowing the cereal off and going right for the pot of gold

On the cereal, from my 8/1/16 posting “Cereal mascots”:

These are all cereals advertised to kids, with memorable mascots and an astounding amount of sugar in them. I’ve also posted (here) on the (sugary) cereals Quisp and Quake and their mascots. And there are more sugary cereals: Lucky Charms, with a leprechaun mascot (the cereal reported to be 41% sugar by weight, here); (Post) Golden Crisp, with Sugar Bear as the mascot (52%); Honey Smacks, with Dig’em Frog as a mascot (56%); Frosted Flakes, with Tony the Tiger (”They’re gr-r-reat!”) as mascot; and Honey Graham Oh’s, with a honey image rather than a mascot.

Now compare #1 and #2. #1 is a pretty crude gay porn ad; it’s mostly about cock, in the context of mansex, and the rest of Vidra’s body, including his Irish looks, is essentially a vehicle for delivering cock. And Vidra has a cruise face on; he means business. #2 is male photography, which aims to display beautiful male bodies and to capture a persona for the model; it’s about forms of masculinity — focused on male sexiness, rather than male sexual organs or mansex. And Fornea’s facial expression is playfully amiable, not cruisily intense.

This is not to say that male sexual organs are not in play in male photography. They might happen not to be visible, while being implicit in a display of masculinity. Or they might be flagrantly concealed (in some form of cock tease). Or they might be right out in front, but as just one aspect of a beautiful body. Fornea is a particularly good subject for male photography — he displays his handsome body with open enthusiasm, self-confidently and unself-consciously — and he’s appeared in photographs of all of these types.

(Caution: I am not putting Vidra down by appearing to say that he’s cheap and dirty while Fornea is elegant and arty. As performers, they’re not much different.

In particular, Fornea revels in his work pleasing crowds of gay men with his gogo dancing; he appears in sexy pairings with his male partner (Jared Bradford LeBlanc, who often models under the name Jared Bradford); he talks with relish about loving to be fucked and by what kinds of dicks (really big ones, especially) in what positions; and generally presents himself as a hypersexualized figure, quite comparable to any manslut pornstar off the street. The difference is that Fornea is unusually beautiful and projects a kinship with his viewer, and so has been taken up as a photographer’s model — while Vidra is a reasonably good-looking Irish working-class guy making a living having (what Falcon hopes is) hot sex with other men on-screen. When they have any clothes to speak of on, Fornea dresses much better than Vidra; it’s a class thing, but also a job thing. Vidra’s sex work is straightforwardly utilitarian, aimed at getting queers like me off — an enterprise that can be carried out with great skill and style or almost none — while Fornea’s has an aesthetic purpose — at which it could, of course, fail.

Meanwhile, Fornea has blurred the lines between his real-life identity and his stage presence, while Vidra’s off-stage identity is pretty much a mystery (as is common with pornstars). It’s not even clear that Vidra sees himself as gay (rentboys can be all over the map on the matter): he might see himself as a straight man who’s discovered that he can make something of living by having sex with other men for money, on-screen or in tricks; or he might see himself as an MSM, a (straight) “man who has sex with men”, as an act of male bonding and a celebration of masculine identity. The emotional world of mansex is complex.)

In any case, Vidra in #1 looks all hard-cruisy, while Fornea in #2 is engaging. But even when he’s just staring intently into the camera (as below), he doesn’t look tough, confrontational, or dominating:

(#3) Male photographer Rick Day’s camera caresses Fornea’s body in a photo from the Project Q Houston site on 10/24/12

Here, his cock just happens not to be visible, but you know it’s there, and significant; well, the man is sitting up, completely naked, in bed.

With much the same facial expression, in a formal portrait, again from Adon Bryson’s AdonisMale site:

(#4) In the top half we see a fabulously hot self-possessed muscle-hunk (with, I note, erect nipples), presented as Man Transmuted to God; below that, briefs pulled down in a cock tease, with a flagrantly obtrusive moose-knuckle — the sort of thing that has made SF famous as a Bulge Boy

I’ve spent most of a day searching through photos of SF — what better, more humanly satisfying, thing for a queer to do in the midst of a pandemic? — only appreciating him more and more, occasionally thinking I can smell him, he’s that good at presenting himself. Tim Evanson wrote to me a few days ago, in reaction to my writing about SF’s “unself-conscious but entirely self-confident persona, which is enormously attractive”:

None of the studied arrogance of most incredibly handsome men. He projects a feeling of “anyone can have me, I love sex with everyone” rather than an off-putting exclusivity of “look but don’t touch me unless you’re gorgeous”.

But, yes, his cock, surely that’s where all of this has been going (though I have to confess that at this point I really just wanted to see what else he and his photographers would do with his face and stance; of course he has a cock and he’s implicitly offering it to us, but is there really anything fresh to mine down there? (Actually, it turns out, yes.)). From a Loverboy magazine spread on SF by photographer Venfield8 (again, his cock cropped; full image on AZBlogX):

(#5) SF strolls, completely naked, down Canon Blvd. (yes, Canon, not Canyon or Cañon) in Los Angeles: “Top of the morning to you”, open and happy, sure of himself, pleased to see you, evincing little notice of his fully erect dick jutting out proudly

Meanwhile, the Loverboy site exclaims:

Scorchio! Here’s something that will totally burn up your screen – an exclusive shoot by one of our favourite photographers, Venfield8 of one of the hottest gogo dancers in the game right now, Seth Fornea.

SF’s dick, which makes such a substantial weighty bulge in his briefs, is not in fact particularly long. Actually, it’s only about as long as his hand is wide, 5″, maybe 5.5″, and you can verify that in the other images in the photo shoot. Ordinarily, such a dick — I have one myself — gets derided (at least in the US) as small, often rejected in the gay world as too small (though I once snagged an encomium for mine as a perfect mouthful, big enough to be satisfying but not so big as to be challenging). But SF’s dick is thick, and that makes it both weighty and notable, capable of making a big bulge in the briefs and entirely satisfying to look at. (Well, I think it suits him just fine.)

But before I pass on to The Third Man (Hayden Clark), one more SF photo, of him with his partner Jared Bradford (LeBlanc), just because I think it’s really hot (I will never tire of photographs of affectionate male couples):

(#6) SF and Bradford, fitted together

Short but thick. A relatively short — roughly a hand’s width — but signficantly thick penis is sometimes known as a kielbasa (after the Polish sausage) or a fireplug.

(#7) From the Burgers’ Smokehouse site: Polish kielbasa sausages

(Astoundingly, all the suitable fireplug images I found on-line seem to require a fee for use, so you’ll have to supply the fireplug from memory. [addendum: see Mark Mandel’s comment, with an image from Wikipedia])

Sometimes, as I noted above, a dick like this is derided because of its length.

So we get, on The Sword site from 12/29/11, the piece “Is this the most disproportionate penis you’ve ever seen?”, about the Randy Blue pornstar Hayden Clark. The dick they’re so contemptuous of can be viewed in #8 on AZBlog, in which Clark views his fireplug dick with affection.

Clark is slim and cute, and I view his cock as beautiful, mouth-wateringly so: now, that’s a cock you could really enjoy sucking — meaty but not gag-inducing (have I mentioned that I have a shallow oral cavity?). And in #9 on ABlogX you can see him having his cock orally appreciated, with my caption

My beamish boy! / O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

(In this photo you might note Clark’s affectionate, supportive, and also directive hand on the back of his cocksucker’s head.)

There aren’t many like him in the porn business; I believe that a yen for dicks like Clark’s is viewed as a kind of kink, harmless but incomprehensible to most American queers. I say Up with Kielbasa! (see #7).

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