Marc Bessange

(Not about language, but about male photography.)

It’s been a while since I posted on male photography — we all have our side interests, outside of linguistics — back in February and March, on Howard Roffman (on AZBlogX here, this blog here), and in the interim, Max Vasilatos has been sending me several series of postcards by male photographers (‘photographers of the male body’). Many already familiar to me, but Marc Bessange was new.

The cover of the Euros Edition (#12) book (1998) of his work:

The model, not in a conventional pose, faces the camera directly, with a facial expression that’s neither challenging nor enticing. He’s young and attractive, someone you might be arrested by on the street, but not stop-traffic gorgeous. The photo is erotic but understated. (No full-frontal nudity.)

Bessange’s second book, French Affair (2002), has a wide range of emotional tones (and some male couples embracing and some frontal nudity), including playful spontaneous eroticism and some conventional porn poses, as on its cover:

Shirt-lifting to display his tits, hand down his crotch.

Bessange’s models are young Frenchmen; in this, and in his presentation of the men’s bodies, his work is akin to Fred Goudon’s. On Goudon, see my “Concealing and revealing” posting from 2010, with links to AZBlogX postings on his books Virility (here) and Cinq (here), and this 2011 posting on Sunday Morning.


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