Gio Black Peter

From the February 2015 issue of OUT magazine, a piece by James McDonald on queer artist Gio Black Peter (as he’s now known). A moose-knuckle boy, posing seductively, by him:

On the artist, from Wikipedia:

Gio Black Peter (born Giovanni Paolo Andrade Guevara, Guatemala) who is also known as Giovanni Andrade in film credits is a Guatemalan born American New York City based actor, musical performance and visual artist perhaps best known for his featured roles in the movies “Eban and Charley” (2000 directed by James Bolton) and Otto; or Up with Dead People (2008 directed by Bruce LaBruce).

(Eban and Charley is a touching film about a 15-year-old kid and a 29-year-old man in love with one another; Andrade played the boy. Otto is a gay zombie movie; I haven’t seen it, but it’s not been well reviewed.)

And from the magazine’s site:

Provocative and seductive at a time when mainstream conformity threatens the vibrancy of queer art forged by oppression, Gio Black Peter’s work breathes authenticity. The New York–based artist is bound neither by the parameters of traditional artistic expression nor society’s notions of morality. From his New York City subway map series to painted glory holes, gang bangs set to retro karaoke hits, and urine-drenched theatrical performances, Black Peter’s work is multifarious — and a little nefarious, too. And with his distinct multimedia approach — incorporating painting, drawing, video, writing, and acting — and characteristic form, his work is easily recognizable in the international settings where it’s been shown.

Overt sexuality is a common theme throughout much of Black Peter’s work, but it’s merely one dimension of it — a conduit that allows viewers to delve into deeper levels of understanding. “If you look at my work, past the fact that the characters are nude,” Black Peter says, “you will notice I also address violence, alienation, oppression, redemption, defiance, and love.”

There’s a sizable collection of his works (not strictly X-rated) on the magazine’s site, and many more (including pieces definitely over the line) can be viewed via a Googe search.

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