Probably not everyone knows that one way two men can interact with one another is through their penises — actually two ways, in mock play (referred to metaphorically as swordplay or a swordfight, with the figure of penis as sword) or amiably (in what I’ll call cockversation).

Swordplay/swordfights can be primarily contests (using dicks as if they were weapons) or primarily sexual (rubbing or striking dicks together as a sex act, aimed at ejaculation for both men), though the line between the two types of interactions can easily be crossed.

Then there’s cockversation — the word is a substitution portmanteau, with the word cock substituting for the first syllable con- of conversation (note that cock and con- overlap both phonologically and orthographically) — which Urban Dictionary has as ‘talking with a total dick’ and ‘talking to your penis’ (both likely to be whimsical inventions), while other sites have it in the senses ‘talking about cock’ and ‘talking about sex/sexuality’. It could also be used to refer to conversation among men (compare cockfest ‘a gathering exclusively, or primarily, of men’), though I haven’t found any cites in that sense.

My own use, for a metaphorical conversation, between two cocks, is illustrated on my XBlog, here, where I say that I find images like the ones there (of two half-hard cocks in comfortable, friendly interaction) sweet.


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