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Sexy Dark Swiss

August 22, 2019

Specifically “pinksalt floyd rocks” Sexy Dark Swiss. Oh, it’s chocolate and it’s really trendy, because it’s prebiotic, and it’s whimsical too (the name Gutsii playing on gutsy and alluding to the gut, the playful allusion to the rock band Pink Floyd), plus it parades itself as dark and sexy, like a forbidden lover who steals into your bed in the dark of night. It came to me from the snack drawer at LiveJournal, brought by Kim Darnell, who works there.

From the Food Navigator site, the piece “Prebiotic chocolate? Gutsii enters US market on a mission to make gut health simple” by Mary Ellen Shoup on 2/11/19:



motss.con XXXII in Palo Alto

August 21, 2019

The people of the lgbt+ net community soc.motss / soc-motss — well, a small sampling of 28 of them — gathered here from Thursday (the 15th) through Monday (the 19th) to enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company and the touristic delights of the area. I was able to take part in the three general events, all food-oriented: a welcoming event Friday evening, a picnic in Palo Alto’s Rinconada Park; a dim sum brunch on Sunday at the restaurant Tai Pan in downtown Palo Alto; and a stragglers’ breakfast Monday morning at the Peninsula Creamery, also in downtown Palo Alto. Plus two lunches with motss-conners, a Saturday visit to the Gamble Garden in Palo Alto (which I’ll post about separately), and several visits to my house from motss-conners.

(I had to bow out of the foodie dinner on Thursday, at the elegant Greek restaurant Evvia in downtown Palo Alto.)


Cheeseburger mouse

August 10, 2019

Today’s Zippy takes us to restaurant or diner whose mascot is a mouse offering a cheeseburger:


The intersection of two genres: the cheese mouse mascot, in fiberglass images indigenous to Wisconsin; and the fiberglass cheeseburger, as advertising icon or pop-arty work.


Annals of social learning

August 8, 2019

Two recent One Big Happy strips about the cartoon’s kids in the process of acquiring — internalizing, rehearsing, and displaying — two sociocultural complexes of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

Ruthie is learning to fit into modern American commercial culture, where she is urged to judge products not on their intrinsic qualities (such as the taste and nutritional values of breakfast cereals) but on their symbolic associations as pushed in their marketing (cartoon characters as the representatives of breakfast cereals in commercials).

Meanwhile, Joe is learning normative masculinity in modern America, absorbing the lesson that successful manhood requires the stringent rejection of everything feminine — both anything associated with girls and also anything associated with the conventional role of the mother as taming boys, civilizing them.


Penguins at the sushi bar

July 21, 2019

From Michael Thomas on Facebook yesterday, a link to a CNN travel story, “Pair of penguins waddles into New Zealand sushi spot” by Isabela Espadas Barros Leal on 7/19/19. Mike, knowing of my (separate) interests in sushi and in penguins, asked, “Does your local sushi joint have any of these?”

To which I replied, “Sadly, no. But pair of penguins waddles into New Zealand sushi spot sounds like the beginning of an exotic Walk Into Bar joke.”

Let’s take this one bit at a time, starting with the news story.


Choosing the words

July 19, 2019

Two One Big Happy cartoons in which young Ruthie confronts word choices: once in the name of a food, which is yucky or not, depending on what you call it; and once in the telling of a joke you know is incredibly funny, but you have to get all the right names of things in it:


Avocado Chronicles: 6 on the beach

July 17, 2019

A surprise entry in the Chronicles: this Julia Suits cartoon in the (just-arrived) July 22nd New Yorker (apparently, these days, everybody is an avocadoist):

(#1) “No, you said you’d bring lemon juice!”

Lemon juice (or olive oli) acts as a protection against avocados browning on exposure to the air — a parallel to sunscreen protection.

(Note that, as in the “You complete me” cartoon — #6 in my 7/14/19 posting “Avocado Chronicles: 3 the chemical formula” — the sexes of the two avocado halves are identifiable, as male insertive (convex) vs. female receptive (concave), but in #1 it doesn’t really matter which of the two is speaking.)


I do like a bit of cowboy butter to my meat

July 17, 2019

The original spur was this Pinterest item:

(#1) [ cowboy butter ] [ dipping sauce ]

On the dipping sauce in #1; the cowboy butter that is its basis; the interpretation of cowboy butter and other cowboy X compounds (cowboy casserole, cowboy rub); the combination of cowboys, butter, and meat (each with possible sexual associations); Jackson Hole Cowboy Cream; and cowboy cheese bites.


Avocado Chronicles: 5 California’s iconic food

July 17, 2019

Continuing the avo roll, a brief pointer to earlier postings on the avocado as California’s iconic food, with its apotheosis in the California roll (inside-out hosomaki sushi with crab, cucumber, and avocado). Noting also that though avocados are a significant crop in California, avos (and their name, from Aztec / Nahuatl) originated in Mexico and most of the avocados consumed in California come from Mexico. Making the California roll a proudly cosmopolitan food — not specifically American, Japanese, or Mexican, but all at once, as well as a bit of culinary chamber music, a trio of contrasting tastes and textures (plus the nori, the sushi rice, and the sesame seeds).


Avocado Chronicles: 4 avotoast

July 15, 2019

Although, or perhaps because, I live in one of the world’s avocado toast hot spots, I’d hoped to avoid posting on the silly fad for avotoast, but then this Mother Goose and Grimm cartoon — with its pun on toast — appeared in my comics feed:

(#1) Up off the counter and onto the table

Three things: avocados, toast, and avocado toast.