Men kissing

(About sexuality rather than language.)

As the US Supreme Court prepares to consider two “gay cases” — DOMA and CA Prop. 8 — I’m returning to a recurring theme on this blog and on AZBlogX: images of men kissing men. By a stroke of good fortune, yesterday a reader of this blog liked my posting “Size again”, and the WordPress message reporting this listed some recent postings by this reader on his blog Just Us Kissing, which has several photo galleries of gay men kissing. From one of these, an example that especially moved me:

(Compare the David Vance b&w photo here.)

From the same gallery, this photo of two armed guards kissing:

This one drips masculinity: men in uniform bumping bulges, with guns and those big black boots. The photo is pretty much a re-creation of a Tom of Finland drawing —

except that in the ToF drawing the men are preparing to kiss, while in the JUK photo they’re in the act.

Now an inventory of man-man kisses on this blog and AZBlogX. Note that the images on AZBlogX almost all come in postings with full frontal nudity, many with the kisses combined with explicit images of hot-hot-man-man sex; not for the kiddies or the easily offended.

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