David Vance

(About male photography rather than language.)

The hook is the David Vance photo of two men kissing that I linked to in my “Men kissing” posting. Which reminded me that I hadn’t posted on Vance, a Miami photographer who’s a romantic (in several senses) and a fantasist. (His blog here.)

The closeup kiss photograph is part of a series on models Paul Francis and Levi Pouter; the whole series, from Beautiful Mag (which specializes in photos of beautiful men) is available here. A three-part sequence from the series:




(Vance doesn’t do dick shots, but he gets close. But lots of underwear, pulled down; hands over genitals; draped crotches; butt shots; and so on.)

A relatively conventional solo shot, of model Corey Higgins:


Then a shot of aerialists Stephane Haffner and Emiliano Simione, from another (well-named) series, “Spectacular”:


Finally, one of his many fantasist/mythic photos, yet another version of San Sebastian:


His books: David Vance Photographs (1998), Timeless (2008), Heavenly Bodies (2009), Erotic Dreams (2010), Jungle Fever (2012), Timeless Bodies: Gay Erotic Photos (2013). (Of course, he also does fashion shoots and ad work. It’s not all homoeroticism.)


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  1. Doug Wyman Says:

    The martyrdom of St. Sebastian! A subject I have always wanted to paint but never worked up the courage to do so.

  2. scruffalicious | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] this blog, several shots of scruffalicious guys, most kissing: here, here, and here. And on AZBlogX, huge numbers. I’m fond of the […]

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