Dancing against homophobia

(Not about language, unless a sprinkling of French counts. Instead, cute guys dancing acrobatically and affectionately with one another.)

Today’s touching bulletin from the quartier français of Homotopia: a performance that is all at once hot, sweet, tender, and earnest, to benefit the fight against homophobia, on the French reality tv show La France a un incroyable talent. An introductory shot of Guillaume (on the left) and Arthur (on the right):

(#1) “Une magnifique prestation pour la lutte contre l’homophobie” par les danseurs-acrobates Guillaume et Arthur

You can watch the performance here (set to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”).

From the LGBTQ Nation site (almost identical stories appeared in other media outlets), “Gay talent show contestants stun judges with unforgettable acrobatic dance routine: The men’s tender performance brought the crowd to tears” by Alex Bollinger on 11/20/19:

Two dancers on a reality talent show stunned the judges with their incredible routine meant to combat homophobia.

Dancer/acrobats Guillaume and Arthur appeared on La France a un incroyable talent (France Has Got Incredible Talent) last night.

After introducing themselves, singer and judge Hélène Ségara asked them if they had anything to say before performing.

“We’re going to present a number against homophobia,” Arthur said.

Then they proceeded to wow the judges.

With a performance mixing dance athleticism with intimate affection.

(#2) A move from the performance

(#3) A kiss crowns the performance

They’re just adorable.

(I’ve been unable to find out anything about Guillaume and Arthur. Presumably the media, at least those in Homotopia, will eventually come up with some of the backstory.)

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