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Below the fold, in case people are still looking at this blog in places where others might oversee the screen, an astounding erotic (but technically entirely decorous) photo by David Vance. It’s two guys kissing, but that description scarcely does justice to the picture.

It’s just called “Kiss”. A remarkable composition formally, with the two faces fitting together so perfectly. (And they have those beautiful eyelashes that are the envy of so many women.)

Both are scruffily masculine, and very much like-unto-like.

The emotional content of the photo is tremendously moving for me, and, I believe, also for a great many women, who can get the vicarious pleasure of being kissed by a hot man along with the pleasure of imagining themselves in a masculine role.

Straight guys usually are disturbed by such images, though I read that there’s now a fashion for UK straight teen guys to snog with one another, as a way of bonding with your mate. Makes a lot of sense, actually. Guys love kissing, but doing it with a girl is fraught with sexual tension. Doing it with a straight buddy gets you the physical pleasure, and the intimacy, without putting either of you on the line sexually.

A big step up from grabbing your buddy by the balls, smacking his ass with a towel, and other more aggressive displays, popular though these are.

Apparently the UK fashion started with athletes kissing each other in exultation, then carried off the sports field as a gesture of solidarity, then picked up by admiring young men and spread virally. Sweet.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    I now see that the image is in Vance’s 2010 book Erotic Dreams.

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