A visit with Skyy Knox

(An appreciation of gay pornstar Skyy Knox, so there’s plain talk about men’s bodies and sex between men — not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

The hard-core visual is off in my posting yesterday to AZBlogX, “Skyy Knox”, where it’s #1. That posting was motivated by Knox (who turned up in Falcon Studios Hunt ezine Issue 237 on 9/18) having a body type that’s especially pleasing to me, because it was my man Jacques’s: nicely muscled but lean, with a long torso — a “swimmer’s build”.  Knox, with his dick cropped from the image (I’ll get to the dick in a moment):


But then it turned out that there was a remarkable bonus, in a wonderful shot — deeply affectionate and extraordinarily sexy — from Falcon’s Head Play, with Knox paired with JJ Knight (also below). (Yes, I understand that this is all performance, not real life — intended to provide a fantasy that will be sexually satisfying to the viewer — but this is an admirable performance.)

Knox’s dick. From AZBlogX:

Note on his dick: pretty much a regular guy’s dick, on the high end of normal length and not remarkably thick, so not in the pornstar range; probably as a result, I haven’t found a site that reports a specific length, though one site labels it as “medium”. I find it entirely satisfying. (I did try to find a shot of him displaying his dick half-hard, a presentation I’m especially fond of.) It might be that  his non-porn dick is related to his wild enthusiasm for bottoming: in porn, and also in gay life in the real world, men with smaller dicks are inclined to gravitate to the bottom role in fucking.

The Falcon site on Knox. Mostly an inventory of his performances:

Montreal-based international superstar Skyy Knox, is a sight to behold! This 5′ 11″, 180 lb. power-vers [AZ: well, he’s a passionate bottom who sometimes tops] is well known for his electric performances using his delicious cock and showcasing his insatiable muscle-butt. Since stepping onto his first Hot House set back in 2017 for Blindfolded, Knox has since won countless awards and has starred in some of Falcon | NakedSword’s biggest productions. Most recently, Skyy headed to Austria with Falcon Studios to shoot their latest bareback feature, The Chalet, released last week. Previous to that, Skyy Knox was featured in the Falcon titles Bareback Ranch and Afternoon Affairs, as well as the NakedSword Originals release of the raw flick BARE: Big Dicks and Bubble Butt.

Knox in a characteristic posture, offering his muscular ass for fucking:


Knox and Knight. More from AZBlogX:

Despite the fact that I find the man very attractive and admire his anal enthusiasm (which I resonate with), I might not have posted about him. Until I came across a notice of Falcon Studio’s Head Play DVD (released 10/17), in which Knox is paired with JJ Knight. It offers a nice contrast, between the lean smaller-dicked bottom Knox and the tall, broad-shouldered exclusively top Knight and his fat 9″ pornstar cock. And there is deeply moving shot of the two of them in the woods, both naked except for their dirty heavy boots — hey, it’s the woods, and anyway, really butch boots are pretty much de rigueur in gay porn — with Knox sitting on Knight’s lap and kissing him (I am a fool for same-sex kisses), while Knight steadies Knox with a hand on his lower back.


And then you realize that Knox isn’t just sitting on Knight’s lap, he’s riding Knight’s cock, to the root. Knight’s pornstar dick is filling up Knox’s pornstar asshole, providing extraordinary pleasure for both of them.

On various occasions, I have taken both roles in Cowboy and find it, um, deeply satisfying either way. Well, never in the woods and never with boots on, but otherwise both riding and being ridden are wonderful, and you can kiss a lot and see each other’s faces, and the rider’s dick is easily available for his partner to jack him off. And even though the rider is technically the bottom (because he’s receptive), he’s largely in control of the encounter, so there’s a nice subversion of what are often configured as highly dichotomous sexual roles in favor of more complex sexual sharing. Which I also find deeply satisfying.

A note on identities and careers. More from AZBlogX:

A topic I post about every so often in discussions of gay porn. In many gay porn episodes, the actors are playing particular characters, with identities and backstories of their own. Meanwhile, the actors are enduring public characters of their own, with names, porn personas, and very often websites, public appearances in their pornstar identities, and the like.

Of course, the pornstars have personal identities, “real names”, and entire personal lives in these identities, all withheld from their fans. I have a long-standing interest in how these men balance their various identities, and I sometimes post about complexities of this balancing act. In the case of “Skyy Knox”, he’s explained in interviews that off the porn set he’s a professional dancer, mostly working in shows on cruise ships. It’s reasonably dependable work. (And for most men, porn acting is not.)

And even if you manage to put together a pornstar career, it’s almost always a brief one — new, fresh cocks and asses are always appearing to supplant yours, no matter how desirable yours might be — so you’ll need some other career to live on.

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