Alex Adams

(Some bits on sex between men, including in gay porn, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Alexander Adams began as a pseudonym of mine for making restaurant reservations (“Arnold (Zwicky)” over the phone is perilous indeed, especially if the person taking the reservation isn’t a native speaker of English). Which turned out to be so useful that I abbreviated it to Alex Adams, sometimes just Alex, for more informal reservations — at the barbershop, at places where you leave a name with your order at the counter and then it’s used to call you when the order is ready. Eventually, I became ready to answer to the name Alex on any occasion. That was better than having to be prepared for Ronald, Harold, Donald, Alan, Alvin, Albert, Herbert, Robert, or whatever struck other people as being more reasonable than Arnold.

And Alex (Adams) gradually evolved from being just an occasional pseudonym for Arnold (Zwicky — Arnold as a problematic name is as nothing compared to Zwicky) to being the name of an alter ego. Used at first as my sex name: people engaged in casual sex with strangers sometimes exchange (first) names, usually using pseudonyms for these occasions, that is, sex names (partly to protect their identities, sometimes also using names that seem more emotionally satisfying than their real names).

So the name Alex (Adams) was invested with transgressive sexiness for me, and eventually became the name of my alter ego in writing participant-observer accounts of sex between men, as well as continuing as a more innocent pseudonym; in effect, the everyday Alex Adams developed a subterranean sex life that he then began exposing to the world.

Then it turned out that since Alex Adams is such an ordinary, regular-guy name — one like Eric Carter, Chris Tyler, Paul Walker, and Brad Mason, all attested pornstar names — it’s been adopted by gay pornstars at least twice, including one of some fame in the business, who was active in gay porn from 2012-15.

Alex Adams the pornstar: basic information. Gay stats from the Men of Porn site:

height 5ʹ10ʺ, weight 180, blond hair [actually red-blond], blue eyes, 7.5ʺ cut cock, versatile

Notable physical features, in photos:

(#1) Adams smiles a lot, sweetly and often radiantly; this photo is a still from a YouTube interview linked to below

(#2) Adams displaying his body, which he works on with resolve every day

Especially salient features: his solid muscular pecs, with unusually large areolae / areolas.

Like a fair number of pornstars, he’s quite shy in his private life, but blossoms in his on-camera persona, displaying himself and engaging in enthusiastic sex without modesty.

Alex Adams the pornstar: the HPM interview. In a 2/24/13 YouTube video for High Performance Men that you can watch here, the outgoing and ebullient pornstar Joe Parker interviews the sweet and shy Adams on the occasion of their performing a flip-fuck scene “Bottoms Up” for HPM. Among other things they handle each other’s bodies casually while praising them with evident pleasure; Adams enjoys Parker’s hairy chest, Parker appreciates Adams’s smooth solid pecs. Meanwhile, they are especially admiring of each other’s cocks.

Partway through this, I realized that though they were clearly doing sex talk for an audience (and so advertising HPM’s product), they were also engaging in random shop talk. Their bodies are, after all, their living. I found their exchanges charming.

There’s the video, and then there’s the series of carefully posed stills from “Bottoms Up” (available on the QueerMeNow site) that are way hot. Rather than edit one or two of them for WordPress modesty, I picked a shot of them kissing — both because I’m a big fan of men kissing and because Adams and Parker went on for a bit in the interview about how much they both liked kissing (they’s both also enthusiastically versatile, so a flip-fuck scene was natural for them):


And then Joe Parker. Another pornstar with a regular-guy name. Physically as well as temperamentally a nice contrast to Adams:

(#4) Sexy eyes and a lean swimmer’s body

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  1. Mitchell Marks Says:

    Back when I was living in Miami with family-of-origin, and the phone company automatically distributed thick directory volumes annually, I enjoyed checking the new white pages. Verifying that our listing was still there and still correct. Looking over the front matter and back matter pages. Checking for special things, like first and last genuine personal entries. The first were hard to find, because of businesses called AAAAAA Service and the like. But for a number of years the final spot was held by a Chester Zywicky.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Ah, Zywicky (and Zowicky, Zewicky, etc.) are Slavic in origin, likely not to be related to the Swiss name Zwicky. Though I look on them (and the name Zwick) fondly.

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