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Yesterday, the posting “Watch this space”. I’m still away meeting a writing deadline, and I have a medical appointment too. So this posting is another Mary, Queen of Scots notice that I am Not Dead Yet. Meanwhile, I offer you, as entertainment and for Gay History Month, a recent Daily Jocks ad featuring a rainbow bandana worn as a sexual-advertisement hanky (on the right, or receptive / subordinate, side):

(#1) Take me, I’m yours

(OED3 (June 2022) takes bandana to be the primary spelling; OED2 had bandanna, and for a long time that was my orthographic practice. But it’s clear that bandana is now far and away the most common spelling.)

Plus its use as an actual bandana (here in a unusual, but pectorally satisfying, barechested deployment):

(#2) I pulled my harpoon from my sparkling rainbow bandana…

In related developments (not illustrated here): rainbow bandanas as headbands and as dog bandanas.

Meanwhile, none of my sources on the meaning of colors for gay hankies says a thing about rainbow bandanas. Of the six colors in the Pride rainbow (R O Y G B P), only three seem to have been used with any frequency as hanky colors:

R for fisting; Y for watersports, light B for oral sex, dark B for anal sex

(Some sources on the other three say: O for anything (on left) / nothing (on right), G for hustling, P for piercing. Completely out of my experience, though I have seen black for S&M, and heard of brown for scat. You would have thought that one of the  characteristically gay-signaling colors, like pink, lavender, or purple, would have been pressed into service to convey (generally) servicing a penis — wanting mine serviced (on left) / wanting to service one (on right) — but no. The elaborated hanky code is, or was, more an exercise of imagination than a practical scheme of communication.)

3 Responses to “Keep watching this space”

  1. Bill Stewart Says:

    I was drooling over the Rainbow Singlet. Do you also follow Nasty Pig?

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      I *almost* posted the Rainbow Singlet, because as modeled on the DJ website, it’s both incredibly hot and wonderfully ridiculous.

      And yes, of course Nasty Pig.

      Alas, I am offered far more great raw material than I could ever post about. (There’s some remarkable Troff stuff in rough draft in my posting queue.)

      • Bill Stewart Says:

        I tried to find it on the website to capture a larger image for my viewing pleasure, but it didn’t work. Plenty more to drool over…

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