Hot pink Pride Party crew socks

A brief note on this intense item from the Daily Jocks DJX sale announced in e-mail this morning:

This might be semiotic overkill, with two gay gay gay messages each of which would have been clear on its own: hot pink socks, socks with Rainbow Flag bands — piercing, man, piercing

Well, they’re on sale (for $13), along with a bunch of other stuff from Daily Jocks. It’s high summer in my hemisphere, high winter in DJ’s hemisphere, off-season for Pride in both.

(Well, yes, I have given up on wearing socks, as just too difficult and painful to put on. But I can still assess clothing that I wouldn’t wear myself, so I can say that, in a sock-friendly universe, I would certainly consider buying the plain white version of these Rainbow Flag socks, also on sale for $13.)

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