The cuke protrusion

The weekend winner in the phallic vegetable competition; all cucumbers are phallic, but this one takes cuke phallicity to a new level. From Kristin Landis Lowry on Facebook yesterday, reporting from her growhouse:

— KLL: This was bound to happen 😂😂😂

The ensuing FB commentary:

— Alan Lewis: You put viagra in your soil and this is what happens.

— Arnold Zwicky: You really should have considered whether a cucumber cultivar named Flasher was going to suit you.

— Kate Halpert Lowry: Is that a cucumber in your garden or are you just happy to see me?

— Bruce Corwin: That’s one excited bush! [AZ: excited bush is wonderful]

And then my comments on the last two of these comments:

— following up on Kate Halpert Lowry’s comment: see my 12/3/14 posting ” “just happy to see me” “, about the fugitive Mae West quotation, now transformed into a catchphrase (with many slight variants) — call it the MaeWestism

— following up on my pleasure in Bruce Corwin’s phrase excited bush: imagine the scene…

While checking out the new offers on Jockstrap Central, Ernest was overcome by his excited bush and had to take a moment to satisfy its demands.


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