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Rainbow TARDISwear

June 22, 2017

From the BBC America on-line store, a hoodie ($49.98) and a baseball shirt ($24/98):



A police box that will take you not only through space and time (though perhaps unreliably), but also through gender and sexuality.

Pride Time #2: the rainbow flag doodle

June 2, 2017

The Google Doodle for today, viewable here, with this screenshot of the endpoint of an animation in which a gay flag is assembled from strips of material:



Dressing for June

May 24, 2017

(Not much about language. Warning: eventually there will be hunky young men wearing virtually nothing.)

As part of the run-in to Pride Month, the Out Magazine June-July issue has a page on clothes for the occasion:


I’m not aesthetically moved by most of these, though I do like the Levi’s socks; and at $15 a pair they’re the closest thing there is to an affordable item in the set. Second on the economic front ($28 a pair) is the Mack Weldon underwear — but you’re probably wondering what black trunks are doing in a display of Pridewear. Seems they’re a stand-in for a line of underwear in hot rainbow colors, one color per skivvy. (There’s a Page on this blog on rainbow underwear, if you’d like to explore a more conventional approach.)


Running towards Pride Month

May 17, 2016

From several Facebook friends, a link to a site for the Converse sneaker campaign for Pride Month:


Sneakers and clothing on rainbow themes (17 items in all).


Two extravagant mani-corns

May 13, 2016

(Unicorns are of course phallic symbols. But there’s more here.)

The first Facebook query came from Melinda Shore, who hoped I’d be able to identify the heavily muscled model in this campy purply-pink composition on Imgur:


I had no idea, and tracking down any composition on a meme site is almost invariably hopeless, so the best I can do is pass this on to you.

Then came Season Von Hexe, offering up another mystery mani-corn-aganza, this time on a rainbow them:


Also taken from life, but this time unposed, at some sort of public event. In this case a Google Images search served me well.


Jockstrap with a rainbow pouch

December 17, 2015

(The title pretty much tells the story. This is a spin-off from a posting yesterday, and it doesn’t have much to do with language. On the other hand, there are no blunt descriptions of man-man sex or anything like that. Just the jockstraps.)

Yesterday’s posting “Go H+A+R+D” had a section on the Strap Jock pictured in #1 there and its differences from the classic jockstrap. That led me back into the astounding world of jockstraps and the men who love them — a huge and varied world of websites (like The Underwear Expert), companies that design jocks, companies that sell them, and blogging by fans. With tons and tons of photos.



November 8, 2015

(It’s going to be penis penis penis in this posting. But fairly decorously, and with some discussion of names, plants, and medicine.)

Every so often there’s an outbreak of ExtenZe commercials on late-night cable television. Well, the same commercial, over and over again. The current ad features former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson, who became the official spokesman for ExtenZe in 2010:

Here’s comic Jim Gaffigan riffing on this commercial:

Note Gaffigan’s playing on Jimmy Johnson‘s name as a possible factor in his choice as spokesman; Gaffigan mentions (former Chicago Bears linebacker) Dick Butkus as an alternative. I suppose it’s too bad that actor Peter O’Toole is no longer available. (In a while I’ll consider Willy / Willie candidates.)

But first some ExtenZe background.