Original Penguin Pride

On Facebook yesterday, from Aric Olnes, following up on my “Sacrilegious puns for Pride Month” posting that day:

Below your [“Sacrilegious puns”] post on my newsfeed: rainbows 🌈 & penguins 🐧!!

(#1) ORIGINAL PENGUIN: A FULL LIFESTYLE CLOTHING BRAND (from Munsingwear, featuring the Munsingwear penguin mascot, Pete)

A cute, jokey, très gay guy in his simple rainbow stripes tank top (from the Original Penguin line of clothing), deliriously savoring a slice of rainbow cake (sold separately); still more little rainbow penguins on his shorts.

Another item in the line, a t-shirt with little rainbow penguins sashaying across it:


Elsewhere on this blog, with a section on the Munsingwear Original Penguin line, with illustrations: my 12/25/17 posting “Xmas news for penguins”.


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