Sacrilegious puns for Pride Month

… on t-shirts from the Hear Our Voice on-line store (“empowering feminist clothing” — also clothing on Black, LGBTQ+, kindness, and disability rights themes), in a Facebook ad today (I believe the shirts are available from other sources as well). In the ad, a complex pun (both verbal and visual) on the song title “Proud Mary”; and then, elsewhere on the site, a pun on the religious exclamation amen.

The ad: Proud Mary. Featuring this image:

(#1) “Proud Mary”, the Creedence Clearwater Revival song; the Virgin Mary; proud, as in Gay Pride; and Mary’s Rainbow Flag coloring, also for Pride

(From my 3/11/19 posting “Roland B. McRiver”: “the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit “Proud Mary” — “Rollin’ on the River”: “Proud Mary” is … a steamboat traveling up and down the Mississippi River”.)

The tee comes in a variety of background colors, not just black and white. Here it is in eye-popping Cyber Pink:


So much for the Virgin Mary, on to God. And the exclamatory conclusion to prayers to him by the devoted, pun-perverted to an exclamation over men — with the addition of rainbow colors, to an appreciation of men’s physical charms:

(#3) “Lo! He comes, with clouds descending”: God descends in a rainbow cloud, intoning (in deity-sized rainbow letters), AH, MEN

(Again, the shirt comes in many colors, including this excellent purple.)

I don’t know who first appreciated the homoerotic potential of amen, but it was enshrined in the 1970s in the name of a homowear store. From my 11/6/16 posting “Wearing the 1970s”, about

Ah Men, an haut-pédé West Hollywood store that I occasionally actually shopped at and in any case was the source of a catalog, simultaneously fabu and tacky, that enabled men to mail-order its wares up in discreetly labeled packages

(#4) A glistening trio of Ah Men offerings: son, father, and holy spirit


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