Exulting in Pride

This afternoon my grand-daughter Opal arrived at my house (dutifully standing about 7 feet away and wearing a mask (as I was) to deliver two items: the DVD of Woody Allen’s Take the Money and Run (“It says GUB”), which she’d borrowed from me, oh, three years ago; and a celebratory Pride t-shirt from my daughter Elizabeth, whose bold NSFW message in Pride rainbow colors I defer to under the fold.

(#1) Complete with a smiling cupcake with a, um, cherry on top; design by Angela Tarantula on threadless

It’s a fair cop, guv.

(I assume the shirt was entirely a present for Pride Month, and not in any way associated with Fathers Day (this coming Sunday), a holiday Elizabeth and I both view with rolled eyes.)

GAY AS FUCK is available as a slogan on an extraordinary number of t-shirts, in all sorts of presentations, on a variety of types of shirts, in many colors. Two I found especially fetching:

(#2) Especialy intense; from Trending LGBT Tees on Amazon

(#3) Gay cat; Rainbow Cat Purride (don’t blame me!) LGBT Shirt from Pop Shirt

On the expression, from my 12/27/17 posting “Expletive syntax: I will marry the crap out of you, Sean Spencer”, a cataogue of grammatical constructions (or idiom clusters) crucially involving fuck, shit, hell, etc, in the section on Postmodifiers:

7a. AF: Adj as expletive ‘really, extremely Adj’.  Comparative as fuck/ hell /shit.

Linguists are inquisitive as fuck.

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  1. Bill Stewart Says:

    Queer as Fuck?

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