Lusty days

(Sexual plain talk, in street language. Later, some gay porn described in plain terms. Mostly not for kids or the sexually modest.)

John Baker, in a comment on my posting yesterday “Then, if ever, come lusty days” (about the month of May), catches the reference to the musical Camelot’s song “Lusty Month of May”:

(#1) The scene from the 1967 movie; you can listen to Julie Andrews sing the song here

This is about lusty.

The lyrics (from the 1960 Broadway show), including late-date occurrences of gay ‘lighthearted, carefree’:

Tra la, it’s May, the lusty Month of May
That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray
Tra la, it’s here, that shocking time of year
When tons of wicked little thoughts merrily appear
It’s May, It’s May, that gorgeous holiday
When every maiden prays that her lad will be a cad
It’s mad, it’s gay, alive, a lust display
Those dreary vows that everyone takes, everyone breaks
Everyone makes divine mistakes

The passage leads with lusty, literally conveying ‘vigorous’ but evoking lust ‘strong sexual desire’ and its adjective derivative lustful — and then we get a lust display. Cutting close to the line that Jonathan Coulton’s ASL song “First of May” leaps right over:

(#2) Signers performing “First of May”; you can watch the performance here

‘Cause it’s the first of May, first of May
Outdoor fucking starts today
So bring your favorite lady
Or at least your favorite lay
The water’s not cold baby dip in your big toe
Maybe I’ll see you in flagrante delicto
Grass below you, sky above
Celebrate spring with a crazy little thing called fucking outside

(Chris Ambridge announces the first of May every year with the euphemized version “Outdoor bonking starts today”.)

On Coulton, from Wikipedia:

Jonathan Coulton (born December 1, 1970), often called “JoCo” by fans, is an American singer-songwriter, known for his songs about geek culture and his use of the Internet to draw fans. Among his most popular songs are “Code Monkey”, “Re: Your Brains”, “Still Alive” and “Want You Gone”

The lexical resources, from NOAD:

noun lust: [a] very strong sexual desire: he knew that his lust for her had returned. [b] [in singular] a passionate desire for something: a lust for power. [c] (usually lustschiefly Theology a sensual appetite regarded as sinful: lusts of the flesh.

verb lust: [no object] [a] have a very strong sexual desire for someone: he really lusted after me in those days. [b] feel a strong desire for something: pregnant women lusting for pickles and ice cream.

ORIGIN Old English (also in the sense ‘pleasure, delight’), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch lust and German Lust [‘wish, desire; joy, pleasure’] [note developments from wanting (in one direction) to wanting sexually and (in another) to taking pleasure (in having one’s wants satisfied)] .

adj. lusty: healthy and strong; full of vigor: the other farms had lusty young sons to work the land | lusty singing

adj. lustful: having or showing strong feelings of sexual desire: lustful glances.

Muscle Bears and Lusty Lads. A 2008 U.S. Male gay porn flick that takes advantage of lusty performing double duty (as both ‘vigorous’ and ‘sexed up’) and also of the alliterative potential of lusty lads. To pair muscle-daddy types with cute-twink types for mutual pleasure — over the usual spectrum of mansex, but with a strong fuck focus.

Quick survey of the flick in an AZBlogX posting today, with six way-X photos of some of the actors. Three cropped versions of pairings:

(#3) Front cover of the DVD

(#4) Bear on twink: Dak Ramsey fucks David West

(#5) Twink on bear: Lance Bennett fucks Dak Ramsey

Excellent facial expressions, especially from the lusty lads.

2 Responses to “Lusty days”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    The link to this posting was removed by Facebook right after it was posted, on the grounds that it depicted nudity or sexual activity. (Probably, someone complained.) FB seems to be retreating to prudishness again; I don’t know what their current position is on women’s nipples.

    I note also that there are many people for whom same-sex kisses are by definition sexual activity, while other-sex kisses are just affection / passion. (Fags and dykes are treated as nothing but sexual beings — beasts, really.) So many people are offended and disgusted by same-sex kisses and would ban them. I believe FB has gotten complaints about same-sex kisses.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Chris Waigl on Facebook, who rolled her eyes at FB’s removal of the link to this posting, and then added:

    But to complete your reference to “lusty”, here’s the maker of some of the best (NY style, not European style) cheesecakes I’ve ever eaten. Melinda requires one for every birthday. Made by our friend Lissa, who’s a pastry chef in parallel to getting a Master’s in public administration.

    Wonderful: the theatre and movies, music, sex, and now food too!

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