Revisiting 20: X Places

The Scenes From a Multiverse of 10/9, entitled #NOTALLPLACES:

A riff on Michael Schur’s sitcom The Good Place, with Kristen Bell (as Eleanor, apparently sent wrongly to the place after her deathGood Plae modality is harsh.) and Ted Danson (as Michael, the designer of the place). Also a comment on social media (Twitter vs. Facebook).  And of course on the nature of reality and our perceptions of it.

Earlier on this blog: in my 10/11/18 posting “Contractualism, the sitcom!”, some comments on the show as a comedy about, of all things, moral philosophy (featuring the work of Harvard philosopher Tim Scanlon in a significant supporting role).

Bonus note. On the euphemisms that are obligatory in the Good Place: you might attempt to say shit, but it will come out as shirt; you might attempt to say fuck, but it will come out as fork; and so on. You can’t swear in the Good Place — not just deontic can’t (you’re not permitted to swear), but in fact epistemic can’t (you’re incapable of swearing, unable to swear).  Good Place modality is harsh.



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