More X happens

Chick Happens and Lit Happens, here. And now, from the pets department at CafePress:

(This, from Anabellstar Designs!, is just one of several designs for Sit Happens available from the company.)

Meanwhile, for more shit allusion/avoidance, see Mark Liberman’s recent discussion of Satan sandwich in the political news.

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  1. Ben Zimmer Says:

    Also be sure to check out Nancy Friedman’s 2010 post, “Snowclones happen,” which covers several more variants (Shift Happens, Cheat Happens, Love Happens, Knit Happens, Compost Happens, Disability Happens, etc.).

  2. SOS « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] contribution to the X happens file (previous postings here and here), from the Mental Floss […]

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