It happens

From Ann Burlingham, a piece of modest taboo avoidance in her own home town of Perry NY. In the Daily News (Genesee, Wyoming, and Orleans (NY) Counties) today: “It happens: Stolen car found in Perry manure lagooon”, beginning:

Perry — A car reported stolen Monday from Creative Food Ingredients, 1 Lincoln Ave., was recovered Friday morning from a manure lagoon of a Perry farm.

Another contribution to the variations on the formulaic expression shit happens. Earlier entrants:

“X happens” of 7/11/11: Chick Happens, Lit Happens

“More X happens” of 8/5/11: Sit Happens [of a dog]

“SOS” of 8/19/11: Ship Happens [a sinking ship]

[Added 11/15: pit happens would have been a possible caption for the Perry photo. Plenty of other possibilities more widely afield: wit happens (cf. lit happens); Schick happens [the razor]; fit happens [in a gym]; nit happens [lice]; Mitt happens [Romney]; etc.]

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Several readers on Facebook have noted the poetry of the expression manure lagoon. Both words are iambs, with the vowels / ǝ … u /, and both are heavy in sonorants (with /g/ as the only obstruent): / m … n … r / and / l … g … n /.
    Yes, lots of “soft” consonants.

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