This machine kills fascists

Last week, this postcard from Ryan Tamares (part of his project of 31 postcards in 31 days):

(#1) Pointed card from Stella Marrs

Ryan and Stella Marrs last appeared together on this blog in a 10/29/16 posting “Grab it while you can”, with a “Pussy Grabs Back” design by Marrs and collaborators, raking the notorious Squire Helmet Grabpussy.

Now, above, a fresh riff on the slogan “This machine kills fascists”, originally wielded by Woody Guthrie with reference to the guitar. From Wikipedia:

(#2) Active anti-Fascism

“This Machine Kills Fascists” is a message that Woody Guthrie placed on his guitar in 1941, which inspired many subsequent artists.

Soon after moving into a small fourth-floor walk-up apartment in Manhattan, Guthrie wrote the war song “Talking Hitler’s Head Off Blues”. This was printed in the Daily Worker newspaper. Then “In a fit of patriotism and faith in the impact of the song, he painted on his guitar THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS.”

And on Stella Marrs, from her website:

Stella Marrs is an interdisciplinary artist whose work addresses environmental issues and feminism. Her collaborative public projects seek to open new relationships and redefine public space. She has presented her work at California Institute of the Arts, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MIT, University of Texas (Austin), Lesley University and The Evergreen State College. She received her MFA in Visual Studies at University at Buffalo.

Three more of her illustrated slogans, one quoting Frank Zappa, two bluntly feminist:


(#4) “Cop”

(#5) “Buy Now”


Hey girls! There’s more to life than sucking cock, making babies, and shopping!

Make a note of it.

Beyond these compositions, available as postcards, Marrs’s work has included a “Shopping Cart Victory Garden” and a number of video projects.

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    Re #5: I suspect it’s been a long time since the ads for learning shorthand appeared in NYC subways.

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