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Every 5 or 6 years, Kathryn Burlingham sends me a piece of outrageous fabric art tailored to my sensibilities. In 2014, it was the COCK cushion. Saturday, it was FUCK crochet art with a design from Not Your Grandma’s Crochet.

(In case this isn’t obvious: this posting is not suitable for kids and the sexually modest.)

FUCK. Crocheted in red, roughly 8″ × 9″:

(#1) (photo by Kim Darnell)

And the enclosed card:


Kathryn found the artwork on Etsy (from a maker in Canada). What NYGC supplies (from its offices in Douglass TX) is the patterns for crocheting (of all sorts of things: steering wheel covers, dresses, fezzes, whatever). They have a minimal but still entertaining Facebook page with their phone number and with discussions of particular patterns.

As for the sentiment, if you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you’ll recognize my earnest, heartfelt cheering — GO … FUCK! GO … FUCK! — on behalf of fucking (especially, of being fucked) and talking about it, straightforwardly and celebratorily.

COCK. From my 9/21/14 posting “The cock cushion”:

Back on my birthday, earlier this month, Kathryn Burlingham sent me congratulations and added: “The package is in the mail”. At the time I thought this was a little joke, a kind of echo of “The check is in the mail”. But then the package arrived, with this amazing piece of stitchery (by Kathryn and her friend Nandi) in it:


The cock on the cushion is so wonderfully stylized (and presented in intense colors no actual man has ever sported) that it’s hard to imagine anyone being offended by it. But it’s not only phallic, it’s labeled COCK!, so it’s scandalous.

Then there’s my peniphilia. From my 2/17/20 posting “Preference labels and little pockets”, about gay pornstar Angel Rock and his very substantial penis:

I say [the following] as an avowed peniphiliac, but dick pics are static images of disembodied bodyparts, and that’s just not enough to arouse me. A torso provides a bit more context, but it’s the face that gives the dick its character and personality. Just still photos, but now representing a person, an imaginable sexual partner.

And then of course you can add motion and audio. And the dick becomes the embodiment of a man, in all his complexity.

But still available only through two of the senses. But in real life, a gay man experiences, confronts, engages with another man’s dick with his hands and mouth, through the act of cocksucking, either as a focal sexual act or as foreplay to fucking. Cocksucking adds the other senses: it provides mouthfeel, taste, smell, and warmth; in fact, if you hold the cock gently in your mouth for a moment, you can feel the blood coursing through those delicate veins. The cock is a living thing, in your mouth, an intensely male thing (no matter how faggy the bearer’s demeanor) — and a stand-in for a man whose nature you intuit from the way he moves under your hands and in your mouth. Your presumed lover. In the end he can even provide you with a shot of warm, sweet,  sea-salty essence of man.

I am, however, happy to view penises as aesthetic objects as well as sources of sexual pleasure; see the “Beautiful cock” Page on this blog.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Kathryn B. on Facebook, commenting on this posting:

    Who gives a Fuck? I do!

  2. Robert Coren Says:

    The cock on the cushion is so wonderfully stylized (and presented in intense colors no actual man has ever sported)

    At least we earnestly hope not.

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