Garmmra meets expletives

… as Éamonn McManus put it in forwarding this poster to Facebook:

Make that: Garmmra Nazis.

(More on garmmra and the grammar nazis here, with Peanuts rather than expletives. And on the massive use of fuck and its derivatives in a poster, see here.)


3 Responses to “Garmmra meets expletives”

  1. Julian Lander Says:

    On two occasions in the past several days, I have typed “your” in place of “you’re”. I knew which word I meant, but it somehow didn’t make through the thought to voice-in-my-head (I hear myself speaking as I type) to typed-word transition. I fine it deeply embarrassing. Do I need to be punished? And is there a grammar nazi available for that purpose?

    • Greg Lee Says:

      I do this sort of thing often. I believe I have a phonetics by-pass in my recall-look-up thingy. I have caught myself looking up a word beginning with “ph-“, as I knew perfectly well, under the “f-“s in the dictionary. You are destined to become a phonologist, if you’re not one already.

  2. Benjamin Lukoff Says:

    Those wavy green lines — Word’s grammar checker? If so, I wonder what it’s trying to say?

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