Annals of garment phallicity

Two items: These electric pouch briefs (and matching electric shirt) offered by Undergear; and penis pants from the Bas Kosters Studio:

The penis pants are featured in a piece “Pick of the Week: Penis. Pants. Penis Pants” by Jamie Peck on the website The Gloss:

Iiiit’s Friday! And we all know what that means: time to kick back, put on your penis pants, and let the compliments come rolling in.

Whether you’re looking to show your love of the d [that is, dick] at a porn party put on by women or a cock lovers’ pride parade, these saucy pantaloons are sure to turn heads, and maybe hearts, too. All eyes will be on you! They’re also great for barbecues, gay clubs, and casual Fridays at the office. You’re going to make so many new friends.

My only quarrel with them is that despite being decidedly sexual, they’re not very sexy, so maybe you should write to Bas Kosters Studio ask them to make a matching penis bikini.

(Hat tip to Victor Steinbok.)

The Lycra legging is called “Is That a Cock or Your Legs?”; it comes in a women’s style and a men’s; and it costs €119 (that’s on the order of $150, which is a lot for a pair of disco pants).

Bas Kosters is a Dutch designer who

attended Fashion Design at AKI Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede where he earned his degree in 2001 with the collection ‘Containerkoninginnen’ (Dumpster Queens)

and produces outrageous sketches and fashion, including a shiny version of the “Disco Dick” legging and “Faggot Disco Legs”, a shiny legging with a cursing print:

Both in women’s and men’s versions, and once again selling for €119.

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