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More Asterixions

August 13, 2013

On AZBlogX, following on “Asterixions” (7/24/13), there’s a second set: male photography (six from Howard Roffman, two from Benno Thoma, one from Michael Reh, and one from Kristen Bjorn), plus captions (variously snarky, sexy, poignant, or silly) by me, plus Asterix stickers. The images from Thoma and Bjorn are definitely X-rated; the others are not, but they are homoerotic, and most of the captions locate them in the world of gay men.


July 24, 2013

On AZBlogX, a set of 19 Asterixions: Asterix stickers on captioned male photography (with snarky, silly, sexy, or poignant captions added by me) — 12 photos by Howard Roffman, 4 by Benno Thoma, 3 by Michael Reh. This posting continues the series of five sets of cattions (with B. Kliban cat stickers).

A few of the images show full-frontal nudity, but most do not. There’s some linguistic interest in the representation of sounds in Asterix (in French and English).

(Thanks to Max Vasilatos for the photograph postcards and to Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky for the stickers.)

Captioned croppings

July 16, 2013

(Warning: Very high (homo)sexual content. Not for everyone.)

On AZBlogX, I’ve done a series of postings on facial expressions during gay sex (recently, Wagner Vittoria on Tiziano Fuentes in Lovers in Paradise, illustrating a technically non-X photo whose sexual content is absolutely clear). One image I’m especially fond of: Tommy Defendi on Jimmy Fanz, both wonderfully ecstatic, in Hole 1; the original image has no Officially Naughty Bits, but still I’ve cropped it to be absolutely clearly non-X (while also being clearly a fuck shot). And then I’ve added a caption (from the musical Gypsy):


Sing out, Louise!


Over on AZBlogX

June 23, 2013

Four recent postings on AZBlogX that haven’t been linked to from this blog:

6/15/13: Heretic sweat (link): sweat in the gay porn flick Heretic — six shots from an ad, plus information on the eight actors in them

6/16/13: Morning Wood redux for Pride (link): another angle on a three-way from the gay porn flick Morning Wood

6/17/13: Who WAS that masked panda? (link): five recent images (most X-rated) from Chris Ambidge

6/22/13: Cattions 6: twelve more (link): twelve more cattions (only one X-rated), based on Taubenheim, Thoma, Reh, and Roffman photos of men

Cattions and Kliban cats

June 10, 2013

On AZBlogX yesterday, a set of ten more cattions (male photography — in this case, from Michael Taubenheim, Benno Thoma, and Bel Ami — plus captions from me plus B. Kliban cat stickers); from my third cattion posting:

As in the two earlier collections [here and here], the cattions are variously poetic, funny, slyly queer, and vulgar, often several at once. [The fourth collection is here.]

In the current set, the fifth, this item:


The guitar-playing cat is a version of the central figure from my very favorite Kliban cartoon:



Cattions 4

May 30, 2013

Over on AZBlogX, 13 more cattions (male photography with captions by me and cat stickers by B. Kliban): 2 based on Michael Taubenheim photos, 3 on Benno Thoma, 1 Marc Bessange, and 7 Bel Ami. Some are X-rated, many are not, but none is particularly language-related, so they appear on AZBlogX, rather than here.

However, from Cattions 1, here’s a Taubenheim of interest:

The caption is a nice bit of trochaic tetrameter: Pérry / dréams of / béing / píssed on. With the accented vowels in a tight phonological space: — / ɛ  i  i  ɪ / — and the foot-initial consonants — / p  d  b  p  / — as well, with the repeated vowel /i/ in the center of the line and the repeated consonant /p/ at the edges, and with the closely related lax vowels / ɛ ɪ / at the edges and the closely related voiced stops / d b / in the center. I wish I could say that I achieved this amount of balance in the line by calculation, but frankly, I just went with what sounded good to me (and analyzed the result much later).

Then, of course, the caption dirties up the model’s earnestly yearning facial expression.

More cattions: Reh, Bjorn, Sekigushi

May 14, 2013

On AZBlogX: a piece on male photographer Michael Reh (not actually X-rated) and another set of cattions (male art + a cat + a caption), this time based on the male photography of Reh and of Kristen Bjorn (totally X-rated) and on the homoerotic (but not actually X-rated) drawings of Kino Sekigushi.

As in the two earlier collections, the cattions are variously poetic, funny, slyly queer, and vulgar, often several at once.



May 13, 2013

On AZBlogX, amended images from male photographers, amended by having captions added and B. Kliban cat stickers as well — hence the portmanteau name cattion (cat + caption), pronounced /kǽtʃǝn/, for the form. Two sets so far: 12 photos from Michael Taubenheim (some of them dick shots), 15 from Benno Thoma (none actually X-rated, but none with much of a linguistic point).



Captioning: Porn stars at play, with their beetles

April 11, 2013

On AZBlogX, a set of 29 captioned photos from TitanMen photographer Brian Mills, featuring the studio’s pornstars, all of them displaying their bodies, many of them displaying their dicks as well. Titan is famous for using highly masculine actors, so my captions tend to subvert the supermacho presentations of the men by ascribing silly or stereotypically unmasculine or stereotypically queer interests to them when they’re off the Titan sets. Then each one gets at least one brightly colored beetle from Christopher Marley’s Incredible Insects Sticker Book.