On AZBlogX, a set of 19 Asterixions: Asterix stickers on captioned male photography (with snarky, silly, sexy, or poignant captions added by me) — 12 photos by Howard Roffman, 4 by Benno Thoma, 3 by Michael Reh. This posting continues the series of five sets of cattions (with B. Kliban cat stickers).

A few of the images show full-frontal nudity, but most do not. There’s some linguistic interest in the representation of sounds in Asterix (in French and English).

(Thanks to Max Vasilatos for the photograph postcards and to Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky for the stickers.)

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  1. crouch, squat, hunker | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] will use to make an Asterixion. It bears the marks of a rough passage through the mail, but in the Asterixion these will be covered up by a caption and […]

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