SRS: the music video

Now out on YouTube, the Steam Room Stories music video:


Let’s go relax
In the steam room,
Get back and hang with all the bros

Full of dude, bro, etc., plus towel play and four-part harmony.

About SRS, from my posting on to gay-flirt:

The characters are guys in a steam room talking jokily about sexual subjects: among them, masturbation techniques, testicle self-examination, being piss shy, telling when a guy is gay, getting pegged, gay drinking games, “the 9-inch Italian” (which turns out to be a submarine sandwich), and the game of Gay Chicken (between two straight men; the guy who pulls back first from kissing his buddy loses). [Then there’s the one on the taste of semen.] Some of the guys are straight, some gay, and they’re all in great shape.

From an interview with singer and songwriter Ben Palacios:

my favorite thing about Steam Room Stories is that [director, producer, and writer] JC [Calciano] has created a place where gay men and straight men are not only both equally welcome, but are comfortable sharing ‘steamy stories’ and hashing out whatever problem is on their mind, and supporting each other as men.  Not gay, not straight, just men. In essence, the genius of Steam Room Stories is that in such an exaggeratedly sexualized template, JC has managed to transcend sexuality.

It certainly normalizes gayness — which means that there’s a hell of a lot of queer content.

(Calciano is also a gay film-maker, the director of Is It Just Me? (2010) and eCupid (2011).)

Here’s Palacios looking friendly and ripped in a steam room:


Palacios is very physical and enthusiastic, lots of fun to watch. He makes music videos on a site called WatchBenSing — among them the very playful The Penis Song, framed as a song for a Sesame Street-like kid’s show:


The song runs jauntily through names for the penis, with lots of penis puppets bouncing around.

[Addendum: I hadn’t realized that if you linked to this video, you got cycled through all of WatchBenSing, including the Katy Perry song. Great bonus.]

In the vein of recent postings of mine on shirtlessness, here are some more of the SMS cast shirtless (not all in a steamroom setting). The minority representatives, Pacific Islander Cedric Jonathan and African American Tamario Fletcher:



Then a torso shot of Josh Wise and three of the guys in their steamroom towels:


Joe Fidler:


Chad Olson:


And Chris Reid:


Enjoy the videos.

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