Blue light special

(Mansex in street language, not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

As Pride Month approaches, the image from the May 14th Daily Jocks ad, for Breedwell harnesses and underwear (with my caption under the fold):

Flip breeds well

He rocks down to
Electric Underwear and
Breeds harder there

Takes it harder
Gives it harder

Glows in the blue
Bare fucklight

The DJ ad copy:

The Breedwell Glow collection are the only LED harnesses & underwear available in the market. Be one of the first to light up the night and stand out in the crowd. All Glow products are sweatproof, adjustable, and USB rechargeable.
Be sure to check out their latest releases, The Cross Harness & The Glow LED Leatherhead Cap.

From my 1/11/18 posting “Electric underwear” on Breedwell’s

homowear — harnesses, jockstraps, armbands, suspenders, pouches, even socks. Queer fetishwear that glows in the dark, in four neon colors (blue, green, yellow, red) and rainbow, either in solid or flashing mode, for “guys who are ready to light up the night!”. [with four illustrations]

Posing steamily in shoulder harnesses, armbands, jock pouches and straps, all in LED glowwear from the raunchily named Breedwell company.

The jockstraps come with either plain black or glow pouches (with a highlighting dick strip) and either plain black or glow straps — allowing the wearer to neon-advertise his cock or his ass or both, according to what he wants to put on public offer.

… The name of the firm (like so many of its garments) can be read as insertive or receptive: with agentive active breed (as in He breeds his boyfriend’s ass / his boyfriend well / with gusto); or with midde-voice breed (as in Joey breeds well ‘Joey is satisfying / easy to breed, Joey is a great fuck’).

seed s.o.’s ass and … breed s.o.’s ass [are] both confined, so far as I know, to descriptions of barebacking male-male anal intercourse.

My caption uses the dual-purpose barebacking verb breed s.o.’s ass and, like my earlier posting, plays with Eddy Grant’s song “Electric Avenue”.

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