Electric underwear

(Men’s bodies, underwear, and some mansex — offstage but undeniably hard-core. So not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Well, homowear — harnesses, jockstraps, armbands, suspenders, pouches, even socks. Queer fetishwear that glows in the dark, in four neon colors (blue, green, yellow, red) and rainbow, either in solid or flashing mode, for “guys who are ready to light up the night!”.

(#1) We gonna rock down to Electric Underwear / And then we’ll take it harder

Posing steamily in shoulder harnesses, armbands, jock pouches and straps, all in LED glowwear from the raunchily named Breedwell company.

The jockstraps come with either plain black or glow pouches (with a highlighting dick strip) and either plain black or glow straps — allowing the wearer to neon-advertise his cock or his ass or both, according to what he wants to put on public offer.

(And #1 with its play on Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue” — on which, see this 8/18/17 posting.)

(#2) Rainbow bulldog harness, jockstrap with glow pouch

You man enough to take this?

(#3) Red shoulder harness, plain jock pouch, red glow straps

Breed my butt, baby!

(#4) Rainbow armband in a close-up

On the right: give it to me. On the left: take it from me. Both sides: let’s contend.

From the Daily Jocks  company this week, with care instructions (which kind of take the edge off the hard-on vibes of the ads):

Featured in this weeks Brand Spotlight is the controversially named but hottest new addition to DailyJocks.com, Breedwell.

The NYC based brand came onto the scene in late 2016 and has since amassed a cult following of guys who are ready to light up the night!

Boasting 30k followers on Instagram and an ever-growing product range, Breedwell is a brand that won’t be left in the dark.

Leading their product range is the flagship Glow Collection, the only LED harnesses & underwear on the market right now. Available in a range of block colours to a hot rainbow range, it takes only 2 hours to recharge your harness/underwear to full capacity, which means 12 hours of glow in solid mode or 26 hours of glow in the flashing mode.

Breedwell products are no regular underwear which means you will have to care for your LED collection differently to your regular underwear to ensure you’re always shining the brightest.

To clean your LED products, apply a colour-safe fabric detergent with a wet cloth (we strongly recommend that you only use a wet cloth which has been wrung out well). The Glow collection should never be fully submerged in water or soaked through as this may damage the battery. Gently apply the detergent to the harness strap in an up/down motion until this has been thoroughly cleaned to your liking.

All Glow products are sweat-proof, adjustable and USB rechargeable. They have both solid and flashing modes of glow.

And from the 8/4/17 Underwear News Briefs blog: “Brighten your fetishwar – interview with Breedwell Gear”:

Fetishwear is a growing market in men’s underwear/gear. I think we are going to see this across sexual orientation lines and go full on mainstream. Personally, I think we are on that verge. It’s not odd to see a harness or jock anymore. Plus, I think more guys want to get in touch with their kink side they may have hidden.

I discovered Breedwell on Instagram. They are a fetish brand that mixes in LED technology to their gear. Which is super cool to me. It’s taking gear to the next technological level. I just thought they were amazingly cool. I reached out to the owner Mike and got to find out more about Breedwell Gear and why he made it! I hope you guys take the time to check out the gear and have fun with it!

[Interviewer] For our readers who aren’t familiar can you quickly tell about your brand?

Breedwell is a clubwear and lifestyle brand that is focused on combining LED technology into sexy fetish fashions we create products that are best worn out when hitting the town at night. We have in development a T-shirt line that will have edgy graphics that will be sure to get attention when wearing to a bar or club.

The line of graphic tees is now out: Breeding World Tour, My Name Is Whore [on a nametag], Filthy and Fabulous, Filth Slut, Sleeze Pup. All very much in-your-face.

We love taking traditional fetish silhouettes, applying our patented light system and fetish gear that glows. What separates Breedwell from all the other fetish brands on the market is that when you walk into a club or bar wearing our product people immediately see you and recognize the confidence needed to light the night. Our gear is designed to be durable and still be functional and fun. As the owner, I wanted to create LED fetish gear that didn’t just look good but also felt substantial and had a chunkier construction. I wanted to make sure that everything we make with LED, could be USB rechargeable and cleanable.

On the name of the company, from my 4/26/11 posting “Argument structure in porn”, about shoot / cream / cum / breed / seed s.o.’s ass:

… on two vernacular verb uses related to shoot s.o.’s ass on the INTO reading: seed s.o.’s ass and (heteronormativity alert!) breed s.o.’s ass, both confined, so far as I know, to descriptions of barebacking male-male anal intercourse.

… another transitive use of seed, this time with a direct object referring to a man, but conveying seeding his ass in the sense above [I’m gonna seed you]

… Similar uses for barebacking transitive breed. [Breed me, baby!] ]

The name of the firm (like so many of its garments) can be read as insertive or receptive: with agentive active breed (as in He breeds his boyfriend’s ass / his boyfriend well / with gusto); or with midde-voice breed (as in Joey breeds well ‘Joey is satisfying / easy to breed, Joey is a great fuck’).

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