Bizarro evolution

Today’s Bizarro:


The evolution cartoon cliché, or Ascent of Man meme.

New Yorker cartoonists are given to exploring the meme. On this blog, a Harry Bliss (#2 in my posting on him in 5/18/14) and three evolution cartoons from Mort Gerberg on 1/7/15. Now a Gahan Wilson:


(on Wilson on this blog: on 7/31/12)

And from Bob Mankoff’s book How About Never – Is Never Good for You?: My Life in Cartoons (2014, pp. 190-1), four further examples, from Ed Fisher, Sam Gross, Peter Steiner, and Tom Cheney:


(Fisher on this blog: 5 cartoons on 7/9/12, 4 more on 4/13/13)


(Gross cartoon on this blog on 1/28/12)


(Steiner cartoon on this blog: #2 on 6/12/10)


(Cheney cartoon on this blog on 5/3/11)

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