(Underwear boys, so not to everyone’s tastes. But not especially raunchy.)

Young men in the, if you know what I mean, pink of life, advertising a Lucas Studios porn sale, with my caption:

Mindful of the
Neighborhood rash of
Bikini brief thefts,
Pongo was fearfully
Protective of
Bongo’s beloved
Magenta Silks

For a change, this is not about men’s bodies, pleasing though these are; nor about pink/purple men’s bikini briefs, though there’s a fabulous array of them on display on the net; but about facial expressions.

I’m far from an expert on gesture, facial expression, stance, and gait, but I know a bit of the literature, and try to observe carefully. I’ve specialized in two cases from the world of gay men, using examples from real life and from gay porn: facial expressions during mansex (there’s a Page on ths blog about postings on the topic) and cruise faces (facial expressions as part of the rituals of cruising for mansex).

My first reading of Bongo’s and Pongo’s expressions above was: suspicion; wariness; distrust; maybe even fear. Not any cruise faces I’d seen before. But both their mouths are somewhat open, in some contexts a sign of arousal.

Bongo looks especially intense, but Pongo might possibly be entertaining a trace of amusement.

And they seem to be conferring. Maybe contemplating a prospective trick. (For you? For me? Let’s do him together?)

Without more context, facial expressions are hard to read. They are seriously indeterminate: they can convey many things, indeed more than one thing at a time, they are highly variable, they are only partly under conscious control, and so on. Like intonations in conversation, vocal qualities, and other paralinguistic features. All impossible to read accurately out of context, and not fully determinate even in context.

I’d be interested in hearing other people’s readings of the expressions on Bongo and Pongo’s faces.

And yes, Bongo presents as t, Pongo as b, on a number of dimensions — but that’s old stuff on this blog, and anyway it’s not my topic here.

Dog Days. Also in passing, the Dog Days of Summer. From my 7/18/15 posting “Late summer porn sales”, in its section on the Dog Days of Summer, we find the Dog Star Sirius, associated wth summer heat and a host of evils: the sea boils, the wine turns sour, dogs grow mad, other creatures become languid, and people suffer from burning fevers and hysterics. And sometimes the queer lads get all paranoid.

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  1. maxvasilatos Says:

    You asked so I’ll bite. These two are odd to me. I’ll accept your take that they might be cautious, even fearful. My first thought, however, was that they look predatory, like cats readying to pounce from behind a rock.

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