A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room

(A posting about a gay pornstar and his best video performance. About identities and personas; the negotiation of sex in public places; the structuring of gay porn flicks; with several linguistic notes. But there’s no getting around the fact that there’s a lot here about men’s bodies and man-on-man sex in very plain language, so this posting is not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Inspired by a recent re-viewing of Joe Gage’s Titan Media production Mens Room Bakersfield Station (2004), I’m posting about its star, Danny Vox (hereafter DV). I’ll lead with a startling photo that shows several of his salient characteristics:


DV in a Please Fuck Me pose, cropped to eliminate his junk and his asshole (which is what’s enthusiastically on offer in the full photo), so as to focus instead on his wonderful smile, projecting amiability and playfulness (two characteristics that are rarely far from the surface in his publicity photos).

Two more publicity shots, more intent than sunny, both offering his ass (DV is a famed uberbottom):



Earlier on this blog, in my “Cute pornstars” posting of 7/23/16 (DV is decidedly cute): in #3 displaying his barely covered ass, with a big sweet smile; and in #4 doing an open-fly cock tease (DV has a beautiful cock that suits his body very well).

And now, in an XXX-rated annex to this posting on AZBlogX, 8 further shots, beginning with #1, a full-frontal display of DV’s body. DV has a beautiful masculine face (of the “cute” variety), intense eyes with admirable lashes, a nicely furred swimmer’s body, and a pornstar cock that’s just right for the rest of his body. Very satisfying to me: my fantasies can go back and forth between doing him and being him.

#2 has DV looking intense (with a totally hard cock) — that is to say, highly focused. Even in this workmanlike state, there’s some suggestion of playfulness.

#3 has DV llying on his back looking abandoned (with his sweet half-hard cock in the middle of the composition). Even here, he might just break into one of his adorable smiles at any minute. In any case, he wants you to take him; you’ll like it, and he’ll love it.

#4 is the full Please Fuck Me shot. The man makes getting fucked seem positively jolly — communicating “c’mon. buddy, this can make us both really really happy”.

Then in #5 Justin Dragon fucks DV, and in #6 Trevor Knight takes his turn. Getting fucked, DV sometimes shifts into ecstatic mode (#5), sometimes into workman or craftsman mode (#6), but almost never even seems uncomfortable, certainly not working through pain to get the pleasure of being filled up with dick. Like I said, he’s an uberbottom. By my count, he gets fucked three times in the Bakersfield mens room flick, once by double penetration, which he somehow manages to make look easy.

Also a famous ubercocksucker, so all in all, an ubercocklover, exhibiting (as I put it in a 2/9/16 posting) an

ecstatic devotion … to cocks: admiring them (especially in action, being jacked off and coming), desiring them, intense pleasure in handling them (especially, jacking them off), taking them into his body (in his mouth, in his fuckhole), becoming one with them, and receiving the gift of cum (especially in his mouth)

#7 in the AZBlogX posting shows DV at work in the Bakersfield men’s room, just beginning to inhale Matt Majors’s really thick cock. At one point or another in the Bakersfield flick, DV takes most of the other guys in his mouth, some of them several times during the roughly 3 hours of the movie.

Finally, though DV never gets his cock sucked in the Bakersfield flick, he gets serviced quite nicely by guys in other movies of his; #8 in AZBlogX shows Hank Real blowing DV.

As far as I can tell, DV fucked only one other guy on-screen during his career: Trent Atkins in Addiction, Part 1 (Jocks Studio, 2003): Atkins was apparently even more basal (more of a bottom) than DV. From the publicity for the flick:

Falcon Exclusive Tommy Brandt and newcomer Danny Vox face off in the bathroom, stroking their cocks. Soon the two young studs are absorbed in cock-sucking splendor. Exclusive Maxx Diesel and newcomer Ken Houser – bouncers at [Club] Addiction – interrupt and demand some attention. Tommy sucks Maxx while Danny services Ken. The studs switch partners and each gets a taste of the others. Trent Atkins joins in and these five studs enjoy an orgy of sucking, rimming, and fucking which leaves them satisfied and soaked in sticky release. [Atkins is the focus of a gang bang; even DV fucks him. When Atkins is out of the scene, DV becomes the focus of a gang bang from the other three.]

#4 in an AZBlogX posting on Atkins shows DV as one of the crew gangbanging Atkins.

A final sexual note on DV: several sources give his cock length as 8″, but those are probably porn inches. Probably 7″ in real life, fitting nicely on a well-muscled 5’11” swimmer’s body. In any case, DV is both adorable and hot.

Four DVs. At this point I need to return to distinctions I made in a posting about, among other things, the pornstar Kevin Wiles (like DV and Trent Atkins, an ubercocklover). We start in a fictional world, the fantasy world of gay porn, which I’ve sometimes called Gayland — more recently, Pornlandia, because I like the play on words. Pornlandia embraces a number of sites, locales, or (speaking figuratively) neighborhoods, among which are t-rooms, public mens rooms devoted to man-on-man sex. (I now use the spelling t-room rather than tearoom, to avoid confusion with establishments that provide tea, of one kind or another.) The fantasy t-rooms of Pornlandia (including the one in Bakersfield) bear a complex relationship to the t-rooms of the real world; more on that in a while.

Pornlandia is populated by an enormous number of characters, all with porn names (some with several alternative porn names). Among these are DV and the other men I’ve mentioned so far, including Matt Majors, Trent Atkins, Justin Dragon, Trevor Knight, Hank Real, Tommy Brandt, Maxx Diesel, Ken Houser, and Kevin Wiles (with still more to come). In this world, DV is famous.

Now the complications. As I wrote about Kevin Wiles:

The first thing to say is that porn actors are real people, with real-life non-porn names and lives off the set.  So we have the porn actor Kevin Wiles (KW from here on out), the alter ego of a man whose name I do not know but whose writer’s voice I have heard, through some blogging he’s done; I’ll call him MX, for Mr. X.

… Though a porn actor is asked to adopt a different persona for each character he plays, almost always he’s developed a more enduring persona, his “porn persona”, if you will, that cuts across different roles and indeed, helps to determine which roles he’s offered and which ones he’s willing to accept and how he will realize any particular role. A porn persona is built on physical appearance (including not only things like body type and hair color but also, very important in gay porn, dick size), the actor’s inclinations to certain kinds of behavior (in voice, gait, mannerisms, and so on), and the actor’s sexual tastes.

So we have the character Danny Vox, aka DV. And the real-life man who plays this character, someone I’ll refer to as DVReal. And his more or less enduring porn persona, DVPorn, the celebrated ubercocklover who solicits sex from other men. And DVMens, his character in the specifc flick Mens Room Bakersfiekd Station, a young man returning after some years to his hometown of Bakersfield, where at the bus depot he’s drawn — initially, somewhat reluctantly — into hours of enthusiastic (sometimes ecstatic) mansex in the ultimate fantasy t-room.

The four DVs diverge in interesting ways. In particular, DVPorn (versus DVMens) would never be the least bit reluctant to enter into mansex; he’d be more verbal about what he wanted (DVMens barely utters a word, communicating almost entirely by facial expression and body language); he’d kiss a lot (DVMens doesn’t get kissed — in fact, turns away from attempts to kiss him — until his very last moments in the t-room); and he’d get his beautiful cock sucked, a lot (DVMens offers up his cock, repeatedly, but gets no takers; in competitions of sexual display, DVMens always ends up submitting to his competitor or left to jack off in the background while other guys go at one another).

(One point here is that DVMens is a performance, of some complexity and skill, with DVReal creating a character in a specific context, not just working out DVPorn or displaying DVReal’s predilections.)

Some things seem to be constant across the four DVs, although much of what we can glean about DVReal is by inference from DVPorn. They’re all flat-out uncomplicatedly gay — not at all a given in the world of gay porn, with its many g4p (gay for pay) straight or bisexual actors (plus some with carefully concealed sexuality), some of them stars in the business, which means they’ve created porn personas only distantly connected to their real lives. All four DVs are also seriously devoted to cock.

DVReal. The man’s physical characteristics were displayed many times during his acting career (roughly 2002 to 2007), so except for some specifics (like his actual dick size), they’re there for all to see, and they were pretty much constant over his career. (Many men who act in porn alter their appearance in various ways over the years.)

A small amount of information is available in “Danny Vox: The Gay Porn Blog interview” of  2/27/05 (note: almost 12 years ago), Edited highlights, with comments from me:

What have you been up to lately? Well I’ve been busy with my new company … I launched my own jewelry line. [Elsewhere, there are suggestions that he worked as a masseur or ran a culinary service in Santa Barbara.]

Birthday/Astro sign? May 13. Taurus! [No year given anywhere that I can find. He would seem to be in his late 30s now, but that’s not at all a sure thing.]

Hometown? Santa Barbara, California. [So probably middle class, not originally working class like DVMens from Bakersfield.]

OK, so why the hell did you decide to become a porn star, anyway? I wanted cute friends that were as fucked up sexually and emotionally as I was. [DVReal’s parents apparently knew what he did for a living and how he conducted his sexual and affectional life but didn’t talk about it; that would be standard (upper) middle-class behavior. After all, a “normal” — not fucked-up — man wouldn’t talk about being an ubercocklover with his mother.]

How did you come up with your porn name? [Porn director] Chi Chi [LaRue] came up with it … and it’s close to my birth name so I thought it would be easier to adapt it into my life. [Note that the man refers to his birth name, in the way someone might refer to his birth father — his genetic parent, not the person he came to recognize as his functional parent. The suggestion is that the man has become DV and views this as his “real” identity.]

Favorite porn scene? Anything with Dred Scott … he is the perfect fuck. Just rough enough to hurt but not too much to leave no passion … at least when I jerk off to him. [DV and rough, dirty guy Dred Scott both appeared in Titan’s 2003 porn flick Carny, but not in scenes together. Still, the idea of being in a film together with your jack-off fantasy man must have been a kick.]


Carny: Dred Scott on left, DV on right

What do you have a weakness for? Black men and daddies. [submission, submission]

As far as I can tell, DV’s last film was Beyond Malibu (surfers into mansex), from Jason Ridge’s Ridgeline Films in 2007/2008, with a scene pairing a scruffy DV with Ridge. The two men kiss passionately, JR sucks DV and then fucks him. Ridge is a great favorite of mine, featured on AZBlogX in a series of postings on the movie The Bombardier, in which JR is the central character:

12/18/10: The Bombardier 1: Jason Ridge, Breck Stewart, Nick Capra, Paul Johnson

12/18/10: The Bombardier 2

12/18/10: The Bombardier 3

12/18/10: The Bombardier 4: b/t: on b/t roles in the movie. Ridge is t to Stewart’s b, though as the love story develops they seem to move beyond these roles.

JRReal is sweet, shy, and openly, comfortably gay (from childhood); there are taped interviews. Both JRReal and JRPorn are smoothly versatile: in particular, they like to get fucked, which makes JR — a high-masculinity bottom — a hot commodity in Pornlandia, even more so because he’s an attentive lover. But DV can bring out the t in almost anyone (well, not Trent Atkins), so in Beyond Malibu, it’s definitely DV’s b to JR’s t. On the other hand, JRReal and JRPorn read as queer (in facial expressions and body language) in a way that DVReal and DVPorn seem not to. So there’s a nice tension between the two men’s presentations of themselves in the Beyond Malibu scene. Made a bit more pointed through DV’s scruffiness vs. JR’s clean-shaven face.

Even better, both DV and JR take their acting seriously, invest considerable thought to how they develop their characters. Yes, the point of their craft (and the craft of the directors and cameramen they work with) is to get fags like me off, but they understand that it is a craft, a job, which can be done well or negligently.

The Bakersfield t-room. Bakersfield is a real place, (in California) and t-rooms are real too (in a long-ago life, I was a habitué of t-rooms, so I can speak from first-hand knowledge here). But the Bakersfield t-room in the flick is a fantasy place in Pornlandia.

Bakersfield. A largely working-class small city in the San Joaquin Valley, about equidistant from L.A. (to the south) and Fresno (to the north), with significant oil production and (of course) agriculture. Brief exteriors of real Bakersfield appear in the movie. DVMens is returning to his hometown Bakersfield after some years away and finds that much has changed. He goes into the bus depot and down the stairs — the magic stairs to Pornlandia — and finds himself in a cavernous mens room unlike any I’ve ever seen, apparently designed specifically for sex between men, very much in public.

t-rooms. My Page on sex in public lists my blog postings on the topic, including those on t-rooms — but mostly the t-rooms of Pornlandia (although with some comparisons to the arrangements of actual t-rooms, which are simply ordinary mens rooms pressed into service for mansex). In actual t-rooms the sex goes on mostly between stalls (under the partition or through a glory hole) or between men in the same stall — with the doors closed, in either case. In sufficiently isolated t-rooms, or in mens rooms where the doors have been removed from the stalls in an attempt to discourage sexual activities, the mansex goes on in public view. (The sound or sight of other guys having sex can be powerfully arousing.) Or the t-room can be used as a place to negotiate sex in private elsewhere.  (For a slightly fictionalized account of some of my actual t-room experiences, see my short story “Roseate Tom”.) In the t-rooms of Pornlandia, mansex is almost always shown as fully, outrageously public — to cater to the desires of the viewers.

All of this sex action requires negotiation between men — in t-rooms just as in other sexual hook-up locales (in pick-up bars, in park cruising areas, on cruisy streets, in gay baths and sex clubs, on the phone, on-line, whatever). Are we both into this? (One of you might find the other unacceptable for any number of reasons.) And who’s going to do what to whom? (In the easy cases, both parties convey their desires, and they synch. But some men prefer, or insist on, a contestation of wills over these matters, a competition in dominance in which one man eventually submits to the other.) In most gay porn, guys fall into intense mansex on the slightest provocation and seem to fit together sexually with virtually no negotiation.

But some gay porn is more realistic (within the constraints of the genre). The Bakersfield t-room flick is unusually realistic on just this point. Thirteen men pass through the action, a number in more than one encounter (DVMens is a participant in, or at least visible in, every single encounter), and the flick allows for cautious sizing up, negotiation, and competition among the participants. As I pointed out above, DV puts his hard cock on offer a number of times, sometimes in scenes in which a number of men are performing the same routine, everybody’s eyes on all the others: every man is a competitor, every man is a potential sexhole, every man is a potential cock you need to service. DVMens never gets a taker, but he ends up being pretty much everybody’s sexhole; the message of the script seems to be that this is DVMens true nature, his destiny, and that during his day in the fantasy t-room he slowly comes to recognize that and embrace it. A Pornlandia Bildungsroman. (In the end, he might even have found love.)

Real-life t-rooms are risky places, since t-room sex is sex in a public place (even if it’s behind closed doors and out of earshot of other users of the mens room), and therefore illegal. Police sweeps and entrapment are real risks. None of this in the ultimate fantasy t-room in Pornlandia’s Bakersfield. From the (characteristically coy) TLAGay video review:

Next time you’re hanging out at the depot, check out the men’s room, where hot daddies and cute twinks feeling the urge to surge go to unload. Even the security guard gets in on the action. With merely a thigh-high tile partition between fixtures, everyone in the john can cop a good view of everyone’s trickling and stiffening John-Thomas.

Yes, the security guard appears, but only to enforce the no-smoking rule in the john, and after that he’s just another one of the sexual celebrants. No cop fear here. In fact, the guard puts out a CLOSED sign on the mens room — which apparently serves as a signal to guys hunting for mansex that the t-room is in high gear.

The front cover of the DVD:


A man, naked except for black boots, standing over a toilet — the toilet signifying not only a mens room, but also the tons of piss action in the expanded director’s cut; the director Joe Gage has a thing for piss. (The standard cut merely has many extended shots of guys pissing, lovingly dwelt on by the camera.)

And the back cover, which shows 12 of the 13 t-room guys (Nick Capra seems to be missing), with DV as the central figure, plus in the lower left, the participants in one of the group scenes, standing in front of the stalls (that’s the security guard in the middle) and next to it the four major participants in the first long scene of the flick (some description to come), showing the array of toilets in the center of the room (with their thigh-high partitions):


The Bakersfield 13:

Danny Vox, Abram Rodriguez, Alex Leon, Andy Dill, Andrew Rubio, Joey Russo, Kent Larson, Lex Kyler, Marc Sterling, Matt Majors, Nick Capra, Randy Manroot, Tommy DeLuca

A wide sampling of ages, body types (though they all have pornstar dicks, some of them at the monstrous end of the scale), projected personas (trucker muscleman, nerdy twink, skateboy, businessman, etc.), ethnicities (but no black men), sexualities (a number of the men are presented as straight guys who just happen to be into mansex), and so on. Gage’s focus in all of his films is on working-class, highly masculine men (no even remotely nelly guys, in fact none who’d ping your gaydar — until the two of you exchange glances). However, Gage seems to prefer, in his leading men even require, frankly gay actors, so it’s about masculine presentation, not actual sexuality.

On the initial scene, involving two trucker buddies, played by musclemen Matt Majors and Kent Larson, plus DV and Abram Rodriguez in character as a nerdy twink in glasses and a cheesy sweater:

with DV serving Majors and Rodiguez serving Larson, including an amazing very long, whole-body spasm from Rodriguez when he comes after being fucked by Larson.

Majors is physically bigger: taller (6′ 2″ vs. 5′ 11″), heavier (180 lbs. vs. 150), muscular, broad-shoulered body type (vs. swimmer type); looks older than DV; the character is presented as more working-class (trucker vs. student type). MM’s cock is (he says) 7.5, though it’s listed as 9.5 (but it’s notably thick). So: lots of masculinity points for MM.  Two masculinity points for DV: his hair is darker than MM’s, and his body is much hairier than MM’s. But MM takes charge of DV from the beginning, pushes DV (presented as initially reluctant to suck cock) into going down on his knees and taking his dick; then pushes DV down on another man’s cock, controlling his body; later he keeps a controlling (protective) hand on DV’s shoulder. This is Man (MM in the t role) over Boy (DV in the b role).

Notes on MMReal:

MM has hypospadias, so he pisses and comes through a urethral opening on the underside of his dick; this is obvious at several points in his scene with DV. I’m pleased that a guy with hypospadias can build a significant career in gay porn.

MMReal (in interviews)  is pleasantly gay, amiable, and reports that he’s mostly a top. MMPorn is mostly a top; his first time bottoming on-screen was advertised as a big thing, but he’d already been fucked in his private life and says he likes it.

MM does drag for the month of October (for Halloween) every year, apparently very well (remember that he’s a very big muscular man).

His scene with DV in the Bakersfield flick is wonderful, largely because it seems so affectionate: MM is lovingly guiding DV on his journey to self-knowledge.

More from the video:

Men come in, hook up in various ways, then leave. DV is the only constant, and he’s in every scene, if only jacking off while appreciating the action.

A scene in which DV flexes his dick, trying to entice Joey Russo to suck it (while Russo displays his hard dick in his hand, competing with DV for dominance; the result is a stand-off, but Russo’s display works on Randy Manroot, who gets the prize).

[Sexual and linguistic note: flex one’s penis/dick/cock, making it dance up and down by clenching anal muscles, an act and linguistic usage that I don’t think I’ve mentioned on this blog. Part of an enticement display in man-man competition.]

[Another sexual and linguistic note: somewhere in the flick a character cries out “Sperm me!”, meaning ‘ejaculate on my body’. That’s seminal-ejaculatory sperm, N and V, examined not long ago in my posting “Sperm, sperm, wonderful sperm, and all that jizz”. The flick is licentious in lots of ways, but it’s all safer sex; nobody even comes in another man’s mouth (there is a lot of cum-eating, but it’s all guys eating their own).]

Scenes in which DV shares a cock with a buddy and others in which he shares an asshole with a buddy (they take turns rimming).

One guy gets himself off while eating DV’s ass, so that’s a fuck DV had solicited for but doesn’t get — but at least he gets his asshole licked. Though this is probably getting rimmed as submission rather than dominance.

A scene in which DV and Russo are again in competition, jacking themselves side by side; but this time they exchange knowing half smiles and each begins to play with his asshole, then moves into the beginning of a Please Fuck Me pose – offers that are quickly taken up by other men. So they get fucked side by side.

In detail: Nick Capra is enthusiastically sucking cock while bystander DV, in full Please Fuck Me pose, is jacking off, so Capra works two fingers into the hole, massaging it in preparation for fucking him; Capra moves to put his full attention to DV’s hole, rimming him and then entering him for a wild, incredibly energetic missionary fuck; Capra keeps bending forward to kiss DV, but DV turns his head away, rejecting the intimacy and affection; meanwhile, Russo is being similarly fucked next to him –- two buddies in the bottom’s pleasure zone.

On Nick Capra. a 2015 Manhunt Daily interview with him:

Transitioning back into the industry [after rehab] wasn’t difficult for me. It’s like riding a bike. I’m a natural performer, so it’s second nature to me.

Was I worried that I would fail at a comeback? Of course. I’ve already shot over a hundred scenes since 2002, for all the major studios.

There have been many changes in the industry since I left. The biggest change I have seen is the numbers shifting to bareback.  When I left, it was the studios doing “lower budget” product that were exclusively doing bareback. Now huge studios and websites, with great budgets, have gone bareback. I don’t shoot bareback videos, although I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t jerk off to it.

… as I’ve gotten older, my tastes have changed. I still love my Spanish uncut men. They carry a masculinity to them that is different than American men. However, I also have an affinity for pups – younger guys, early twenties with smooth holes. They call me daddy and curl up in my hairy chest. Let me throw ’em around in bed. I’m becoming a dirty old man!

… Kink.com is one of my favorite studios. They have pushed me to do some stuff that was out of my comfort zone, and that equals freedom for me. Being tied up, suspended in the air. That takes some trust and surrender.


Capra torso shot, looking really amiable

At the end of the Bakersfield flick, a man appears, takes DV’s arm and says, encouragingly, “Don’t panic”, bends forward, and kisses DV passionately; DV melts into him, while the music swells.

I’ve picked out some of my favorites here: DV, MM, Joey Russo, Nick Capra. All hot men, in real life all frankly gay.

The structuring of gay porn. I’ve written quite a lot on gay porn as a film genre, with (among other things) a set of conventions about how mansex is portrayed. Some of these are shared with straight porn, in particular the conventions having to do with maximum visibility, of cocks, of penetration, of ejaculation. Beyond this, there’s the organization of the films as stories, as fictions in which characters are developed, relationships unfold, sexual tension builds, and the characters get release. Again and again, in ways that are rarely possible in real life. This is, after all, fantasy, where every guy is endlessly potent (the best man he can be) and also endlessly receptive (the best fag he can be).

If you were just telling a story about two guys getting into one another, the story could go on at great length — and, maybe, if the story was realistic, one guy, or even both, might not get off at all (they’re enjoying sexed-up affection and don’t feel the need to come, or they get interrupted, whatever), or one or both of them might have his hair trigger tripped and shoot very quickly, in which case they’ll want to pause for some time for reloading. Sex in real life develops in many complex ways (physically and emotionally), any of which can be turned into a story; in fact, many of these stories have been told on film, in gay films and tv shows (as in episodes in the two Queer as Folk series).

At the other end of the scale, you could just film raw sex, with a minimal story line. There’s a lot of that available, ranging from crude amateur stuff to suck-and-fuck film clips with high production values. The point is just to get the viewer off by showing him an encounter in which he can identify with one or more of the men in the clip. The men on-screen might not even get off themselves; maybe it’s enough to show a guy fucking an appreciative bottom hard and deep. Time for the viewer to climax: a few minutes.

Gay porn lives in the middle zone. Ideally, every guy in an encounter comes (sooner or later), and the story provides frequent occasions for the viewer to get off, while proceeding at a slow enough pace for the viewer to get into the characters. It’s a balancing act.

Standardly, gay porn flicks come in what are labeled in the trade scenes, each scene typically showing a number of sexual encounters between men — little stories —  sometimes in sequence, sometimes simultaneous. That scheme provides a smorgasbord of sexual events for the viewer to choose from: if one encounter doesn’t work for you, another is available elsewhere on-screen, or soon will be available.

Typically, scenes will be demarcated by a change of location (say, the characters having sex outdoors finish each other off, then move indoors for another round) or by a change of personnel (say, one set of characters finishing each other off, to be replaced by a fresh set in the same location).

The director Joe Gage is a master of “long-form” mansex porn, three hours or more, juggling simultaneous and sequential encounters, with changes of both location (even if it’s just a different part of the same large space, as in the Bakersfield mens room) and personnel, but with one or more recurring characters knitting the whole thing together (DV’s function in the Bakersfield mens room). The recurring characters also provide a long story arc: they develop and change during the full story, while inserted episodes allow breaks for special tastes (verbal abuse, watersports, interracial or intergenerational sex, whatever) and also give you time to recharge if the previous encounter got you off. (Porn characters don’t have refractory periods, but real men do. Porn characters also don’t have any trouble getting it up and keeping it hard indefinitely, even while getting fucked, but real men do. Porn characters never jump the gun, but real men sometimes do. Porn characters are never (truly) reluctant about or repelled by the acts in their scripts, but real men sometimes find themselves in places they’d rather not be: no, I really don’t want to be gangbanged, I don’t even like getting fucked; Jesus, man, don’t piss on me; dammit, your armpits stink; I don’t care how clean your asshole is, I’m not going to lick it; I’ll fuck you like a jackhammer, but I won’t kiss you; and so on. The thing is, porn characters are perfect sexual beings, free of the imperfections of real-life sex, living in the perfect sexual world of Pornlandia. And in Pornlandia you can get anything, even if it’s being fucked in mid-air by a winged man, even if it’s something that would totally disgust or frighten you in real life.)

(I say mansex porn rather than gay porn above because Gage provides sex between highly masculine guys who are often framed as neither gay nor bisexual.)

Mens Room Bakersfield Station is a fine long-forn Gage porn flick. Simultaneous action and changes of location and personnel allow some of the encounters to stretch over long periods of time. For instance, the relationship between DV and MM in the first scene develops quite slowly, physically and emotionally, a story-telling luxury that’s possible because Abram Rodriguez and Kent Larson are developing their own relationship (in one of the toilet stalls) at the same time and because other men enter the mens room and can be added to the action. There’s always something you can get off on; you don’t have to wait for DV to become Boy to MM’s Man, for them to get off, to shoot your load (if that’s what you want early in the flick).

To come in a later posting: more about Gage and mansex porn flicks.

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