Fired up for the grand finale

(A right-at-the-line Daily Jocks ad today, with text that takes it over the line for kids and the sexually modest.)

The ad copy from Daily Jocks:

Step up your party look with the reimagined black circuit look.
Pair matching Jockstrap, Harness & Shorts.

(The name of the DJX Circuit Collection is a reference to gay circuit parties — on which, see below.)

The image is of Golden Boy (from a 2/27 posting) — hyper-masculine, with a hairy, sweaty, oiled, gold-toasted body — here with a hand in his jockstrap, and posed against a golden car.

My title for the composition:

Fired up for the grand finale,
Golden Boy jams a hand in his jockstrap

To which I’ve added a salacious caption:


icon of the Gold Party in
Firetown Springs, GB
dances high and hard,
climaxes by
fucking his

GB’s previous appearance on this blog, in my 2/27/21 posting “Golden Boy does a cock tease”, with this image of him in his Liquid Shorts in gold:


Allusions in the caption to #1: the name Firetown Springs is a mashup of the names of three gay holiday enclaves (Fire Island (NY), Provincetown (MA), and Palm Springs (CA)); Goldsmobile is a play on the automobile brand Oldsmobile (discontinued in 2004); high and hard is an allusion to drugs and sex at gay circuit parties; Gold Party is the name of an invented circuit party, on the model of the White Party (Palm Springs), the Black Party (NYC), the Red Party (Columbus OH), the Black & Blue Festival (Montreal), and the Purple Party (Dallas).

Circuit parties.From my 6/22/10 posting “Rivers of Babylon”:

[There have been] gay-themed “circuit parties” for over 25 years, [many] of them with color names.

… A circuit party is a one-day main event involving intense dancing for 24 hours, with accompanying sex, drinking, and (often) drugs, plus preceding events and following ones. Almost all of the participants (up to 20,000 of them at a really big party) are young gay men, many of them shirtless (or in underwear, or naked) most of the time.

More details in Wikipedia.

A hand in his jockstrap. In #1.  My 10/5/19 posting “A man, his hands, his pants” examines one hand (or sometimes two) in pants or underwear as a sexual gesture, often clearly fondling the man’s genitals (but on other occasions with non-sexual aims).

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