Language evolution

From John Lawler, this SMBC:

Creationist historical linguistics.

2 Responses to “Language evolution”

  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    Uh-oh – there goes the Nostratic hypothesis!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this creationist linguistics is already happening, what with some of the stuff I’m reading on creationist Web sites. I’ll be looking for it now.

  2. Serena DuBois Says:

    I remember my high school Spanish teacher saying that Spanish was written down very late in its development from its Arabic/Latin roots and as a consequence the written and spoken language were very similar unlike both French and English which really did evolve as anyone could see by, for example, all the silent letters in French and many different pronunciations of words ending in -ough in English. But I don’t expect any Creationist to know or recognize this kind of thing. Sighh!

    I am also friends with a 3rd generation Chicana whose grandmother came from Mexico and had little English. Both her daughter and granddaughter my friend were perfectly bilingual in English and Spanish. I envied her. My own Spanish is as Anglo as one can get and the French I learned in college is worse.

    The thought of a linguistic Creationist website or Creationist linguistics would have sent my college professor of Old English/Middle English and English 110 [evolution of the language!] into I don’t know what. She wasn’t the kind of woman to get hysterical but that might have driven her to hysterics.

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