Periodic table “Who’s on First?”

Passed on by Garson O’Toole on ADS-L, a Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal cartoon from 8/26/11, with a (long and complex) version of Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s on First?” comedy routine that uses the abbreviations for the names of chemical elements in the periodic table (K potassium, Na sodium, No nobelium, etc.): K understood as affirmative ‘kay ‘OK’, Na as negative nah, No as negative no, etc.

The strip:

(57 panels, as Zach Weiner observed in amazement on his blog back in 2011.)

Earlier on this blog:

on 2/18/11, “Chinese Abbott and Costello”: in an editorial cartoon, using the names Hu, Wen, yuan, Xi

on 3/30/14, “Hu on base”:  an actual  baseball player named Hu; information about the A&C routine, link to a video of a performance

on 10/20/14, “Abbott and Costello’s band”: a Pearls Before Swine with a band-name version of the routine

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